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TLoS DragonGuardian Terrador

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Terrador needed to have a more robust and muscular design that appeared solid, powerful, less lean and lithe like the other Guardians to reinforce his strong connection to the earthy elemental type.
The 'immovable object' of the group, Terrador was inspired by one of the level mesh artists on the development team in 2005, and if Ignitus is my favourite, then Terrador is a close second, purely because
I got to try something different in designing this solidly built Guardian. Extensive battle damage was more thoroughly explored and I liked the notion that this character was more of a warrior than anything
else. There was an idea to have Terrador in full plate style armour to establish that concept, but time did not permit me to flesh it out. I'd love to have another crack at this guy and wondering if anyone would
like to see that?
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I laughed when I noticed this but I'm I the only one who sees that he has a thumb and in the games he and the other guardians don't have thumbs. Lol
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Yup. Definitely the veteran warrior, and my second favorite as well, close behind Ignitus. Strong, brave, and I have it in my headcanon that he also has a kind of honor system, almost like a Samurai (almost). Kevin Micheal Richardson was definitely the single best voice actor for him we could possibly ask for. 
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And here is one I quoted a lot. Wise and gentle yet very powerful. I would love to see him in armor.
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I don't know if you know this sort of question but is Terrador named after the planet?    
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I'd love seeing an armored Terrador. After playing TLoS, I really think it would fit his personality and it surprised me when the Guardians weren't armored in the attack on Warfang in DotD.
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I think Terrador is giving me the death stare Ō-Õ 
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Yeah, Terry was definitely the warrior of the group and strong in both body and voice.

Looking at Terrador also gets me Thinking back to the comment I made in Ignitus’ comment section of their being a game of him. In that game, Ignitus would be the main character, but you could also play as Terrador, Volteer, and Cyril like you could play with Spyro and Cynder in Dawn of the Dragon, except you don’t start of with all of them until like a hour to an hour and a half into the game. The game could also be a bit of an RPG and Telltale game, the Guardians each have their own unique abilities, you have different dialogue options that can impact the story later, actions can do that to, and there are certain missions to where you can only play as a certain Guardians because they have the skill necessary to complete it, and you can have different armor sets. That would be a game about the Guardian I’d want to play, they’d probably be in their early adult years.
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Terrador, the more stern of the four. An interesting character that is more like the soldier of the guardians I suppose. I wouldn't mind seeing a suit of armor for Terrador, or for the others for that matter, if they wore armor.
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My favorite guardian :) One I kind of wondered, about how old were the guardians by the time Spyro meets Ignitus? I think only Ignitus mentioned being slowed by age, and Sparx but guy probably was being sarcastic.
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"All warriors feel fear, Spyro, but only the most valiant among us can face that fear... and master it."

That's something that's stuck with me. It's okay to be afraid. Be afraid, and do it anyway.

Admittedly I'm probably overthinking something coming from a green dragon guy in a video game, but hey. I love overthinking things. xD
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I can guarantee people would love to see a more fleshed-out, armor-wearing Terrador. ;)
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Ah yes, Terrador the black guy of the dragon realm :D Love him
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I totally would love to see the armor style bro!
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I am trying to get into an art collage to learn to do this kind of stuff and I was wondering if you had any advice and it would really help if you can give me some feed back on my characters

thank you so much
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Have another crack at him by all means! Terrador is definitely a character that needs to be explored more, even more detail into his battle damage would be intriguing. You can see, by the shortness of his body in comparison to the other Guardians, that he is simply the embodiment of strength. Well done for getting Kevin Michael Richardson to play him too, that was a match made in heaven!
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Terrador has always been my personal favourite of the Guardians. Ever since meeting him in the games and even listening to him in cutscenes and the like, I felt like i was drawn to him.

This might be strange to hear, but i can't help but see him as being a good father figure. I know Ignitus was one towards Spyro, but i couldn't help but feel Terrador could be the same to someone else. I'm kinda embarrassed to say this, but I've had a story floating around in my head thats based in this universe. A story where in the main character, being born weak and frail, looks up to and idolises Terrador, wishing to be like him. Even going so far as to call him 'Uncle Terrador' (they aren't related in the slightest) and begging him to train him if he ever awakens to the Earth element. It's not the story's central plot though. That's literally a completely different story (One i wouldn't mind telling really). But like i said, I always felt as though Terrador would act as a good father figure and mentor. That's just my opinion though.

Also welcome to DA!^^ It's actually really exciting to have you here!
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Not a strange story at all p101, in fact it has solid merit and could make for a wonderful spin-off plot set perhaps before the events of 'A New Beginning'... or even long after DotD, willing the dragon population is restored of course. It's main themes could touch on what it means to be strong, 'what it means to be mighty'... perhaps the irony could be that the definition of 'strength' turns out to be something unindended or unforseen, rather than its' more traditional application to the powers of muscle and sinew. Perhaps Terrador's young admirer has something new to instruct in regards to 'strength' that even the mighty Earth Guardian did not see coming? All food for thought perhaps :)

Great idea and many thanks for the warm welcome!
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That is definitely a theme that i've been wanting to include within the story itself, i will admit. Since the actual story i have deals with the ideas of what it means to be a hero, ones heritage and family, and what you are willing to do to save those you consider 'family'. (I noticed how well the idea of strength fitted into the structure, so i stuck with it). With the latter two themes in mind, I'd imagine it taking place alongside The Legend of Spyro series. Also, with the last two themes of 'heritage and family' as well as 'what you will do to save them', you could probably take a guess as to who the story might revolve around.

A young dragon, born before the raid on the temple. His mother, a reputable hero of the dragon realms revered for her actions in trying to stop the dark army. And his father...The Dark Master. Yeah its a little groan worthy, i know. But i do think i have a good story here, and I would like to share it. That is if you want to hear it anyway. Whenever you have the time or want to hear it, i'll be willing to tell it.
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Terrador is my absolute favorite guardian! I've always loved his solid design. :D
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I definitely had way too much fun designing this Guardian to be sure! Thanks for your commentary :) 
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oh yes Please yes I am such a fan of the game I love these guys and now seeing the master mind behind these amazing character's I am having such a fangirl moment right now!!
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The pleasure is mine rosefang16, it's fantastic to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)
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you it is such an honor to talk with such a brilliant artist I actually have this LoS OC named Chillton and I would be honored if you would look at him and tell me what you think if your not to busy
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I've actually been wanting to ask a question about this picture for a long time, so the fact that you are here and talking with the community is great! 

My question was about the paw that Terrador is holding off the ground, does that one finger there actually function as a thumb on all dragons in this universe? 

Also I would LOVE to see armor for Terrador, in fact I would love to see battle armor for all of the Guardians! However I do not wish to hinder you by asking you to make a set for each guardian.
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