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TLoS DragonGuardian Ignitus

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Of all the dragon Guardians I had the privilege of designing for The Legend Of Spyro titles, Ignitus is most definitely my favourite and the one with whom I most identify.
From his manner of speech to his limping gait, he is my all time favourite character in TLoS.
There's much love out there for this character, voiced by Gary Oldman in the games, and over the years I've taken much joy in seeing him flourish as a living character
beyond those games. I've so much to do as part of my re-connecting with the TLoS fandom, but this is a step in the right direction. There will be more Ignitus work in
the future from me for certain. Would anyone like to see more of him?
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hello! even Thouch I found you some years ago, finaly I find the courage to write.

Ignitus is by far my Favorite guardian, and my favorite character (whit Spyro) of all the games, I love all the charactes but I know I my heart that he is in a special place in my heart, his complex personality, whit his wisome in words and determination in dark times, his way to theach and support Spyro, guiding him ( I have a major weak spot for Ignitus and Spyro, Father-son Relationship, in fact I have the theory that Ignitus is his father, because I find that the were aspects of their desings that they share, like the horns and crest, body type and the fact that Spyro firth element is fire) , the firence powerfull warrior he is, but also the depresive, regetfull part of him and that he keep goin till the end.
Ignitus death hit me hard, veary hard, ohhhhhhh, but it was good thing that he is the chronicle!

his desing also amaze me , and love how you incorporate the element ( wich Fire is my favorite one) to the body and deatails, and also the combinacion of colors. later I also beacame a gary oldman fan beacause of his voise, so perfect for Ignitus pesonality and I later coun't see any game or movie in other language that the orginal ( if it is In Engish) as am a Spanish speaker!!!

also , thank you for bless us whit this wonderfull games, Im a huge  Spyro fan sinse I was little whit the classic, and when I discover the leyend series, my world and life turned upside down!!!  I was amaze and in love whit the story and charactes, and made me what to improve as an artist and writer,  so thank you so much for everthing, I can't express how much  I thank you for create this amazings games !!!
greetings from Argentina!!!

PD: I admit I have questions but, I don't what to bombard you whit them XD. I hope my English is good!!!
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From the four guardians that appeared in The Legend of Spyro, Ignitus is definitely my favorite by much.
His unique smooth, relaxed and determined personality while helps Spyro and also narrating the events during the first game were enough too see how he is. And also I really love his design! I just noticed he has scratches in his sides! Surely for the many fights he was in.
One of the best characters, from an exciting and legendary trilogy...
I really miss this wonderful legend... :')
Great work! It's a little bit late, but I must say you made a majestic job with him! :D
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Oh man, I liked Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx, but I think Ignitus was the best character in the legend series, as well as the best of the Guardians. We totally need a game where he’s the playable character and when can see his rise to Guardianhood and prove that the he’s Spyro’s father theory is actually fact and have why he never told Spyro that.
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i adore how much you love your work
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I like to think that Ingitus lost his tail when he was young and it grew back. Considering the fact that he's the only dragon we've seen that has no "shell"/spikes/something to protect yourself with somewhere on his tail. And why it grows back is because... Well, he's a dragon and dragons are a type of reptiles. And some reptiles can grow their tails back so yeah.
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"Well young dragon... Where might you be?"
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I do love Ignitus his calm and warm demine really make him a real iconic character though Volteer is really funny when I look back at this yeah Ignitus is now I new number 1 but Volteer is a real close second 
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I love this guy but as for favorites Volteer wins that title
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You designed all of this?? WOAH! 0.0 -bows down-
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I would love to se more of this guy he is cool
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I've always loved that one, specially because it was voiced by Gary Oldman, GARY OLDMAN!!! *-*
Of course I'd like to see more!!
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*bangs fists on table* MORE IGNITUS! i mean uhh, yes of course, would love to see more!
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Of the Guardians, Ignitus was definitely my favorite. First off, Gary Oldman's performance was amazing in all 3 games. Second, Fire is my favorite of the basic elements. Third, I've always been a fan of the sagely, wise, father figure kind of mentors. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if in a future game Ignitus was revealed to actually be Spyro's father!

I've actually wondered roughly how old the Guardians actually are. I'd honestly speculate Ignitus to be the oldest of the four, as he appears to be their generally accepted leader. Of course, we can assume they all operate as equals with no one holding authority over the others.
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Maybe, but I have my own canon for his and the other guardians past. And just saying that in my canon he isn't his father. Still just a father figure. Though, Feuriah does exist in my canon (with a couple of changes considering it's my canon and not WeirdHyenas) and Ignitus is like a father to her.
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I would love to see more of Ignitus. He is wise like me and also an inspiration for some of my dragons.
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It's always nice to see the concepts of various characters, the amount of detail put into the various dragons is just simply fascinating! I especially love the different markings each dragon has along their scales to represent their element.

Looking through the other enemy concepts, I can't help but say that the various armor designs kinda give me an overall "world of warcraft" feel to it. It's kinda aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Very nice work!!
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Always my favorite Guardian. I was so emotional when he died in the Ring of Fire in DotD, enough so that I actually cheered when he became the new Chronicler. And to answer your question, I would be thrilled to see more art of Ignitus.
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Ignitus is quite the character compared to the others. In that he went through more emotions compared to the other three. It gave him more depth to his character showing what he was going through with all of the events that transpired while as a guardian. I also loved Gary Oldman's voice for him, sounded very natural, fluent, and wise for the character. I'll be waiting to see the story art plots with him in it when you upload them.
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I noticed he was always limping around, but I wondered if it was just me. No one ever pointed it out. xD It's a pretty popular opinion, but Ignitus has got to be my favourite of the Guardians. Mostly because he's the most developed one of them, though. :D

If I may ask, how old are the Guardians? I know they're definitely getting up there in years, and I always placed them in my head as 60ish in human terms. I've always wondered if they start winding down at a couple hundred, or if they only have a slightly longer lifespan than humans. And I know you've done some interviews I may have missed, so sorry if this has been answered before. And sorry again, because I know you've been bombarded with questions. xD
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I would definitely love to see more Ignitus in the future!
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It's so nice to see the large high def versions of these images <3
You can really see all the details and just, the shading style you used is so pleasant and beautiful! Ignitus is my absolute favorite character out of the series in both design and character! I really really hope to see more of him from you!
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Many thanks for the wonderful comments Azul-J, I definitely felt that clean, strong and varied colour keys for each Guardian were what was required. They really were made as a set of four... put them all in a room together and you have one riot of primaries that's for sure! Colour was everything on TLoS, especially where characters were concerned. Each was colour balanced against the environment they hailed from, and each had a scheme that was tight and restricted so as to keep them clean and eliminate extraneous 'noise'....

Too many materials and gritty texture detail would have been 'poison' for a series like this, and TLoS worked best with a smooth finish to things so as to achieve a strong read in any compositional situation :)
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Oh, I never noticed those things on his sides!
They look like scratches? : O
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
They are indeed.. a trophy from furious battle ;)
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