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TLoS DragonGuardian Cyril

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Cyril the Ice Dragon Guardian was a collboration with the concept artist Ron Marc in 2005. A very good friend of mine to this day, Ron came up with the overall design content and the concept that
Cyril was more lupine and guant than his fellow Guardians, being more of a 'grizzled survivalist' from the frozen extremes of the Dragon Realms. 2005 seems an age ago, and looking back on one's
art from times gone by is a humbling experience, but one worth doing. When I see this piece I am reminded of more than just a snap-shot in time within the development process; I am taken back
to when an enduring friendship was formed with one highly talented artist. I'd love to show this character in all his frozen glory with a more up-to-date skill set, so here's hoping I can make the opportunity :) 
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Love the art and design, but I always wondered - why is his name normal when the others have fantasy names like Ignitus? Just a nitpick :/

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Cyril may have been arrogant and self-important, but he was still as great a character as all the other Guardians, and his overall design was the coolest, imphases on coolest.
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I really like Cyril's color scheme. Blue and purple are my favorite colors so I have a soft spot for that color scheme.
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ah, hey! that Ice Dragon looks mighty familiar, nice one!
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Design aside, I honestly didn't like Cyril as a character at first; self-important, arrogant to a fault, it got really annoying before the end of his dojo level. 
Overall, I really like Cyril's design, and looking here that he's less of a pompous nobleman as I was initially led to believe (Jeff Bennett's voice certainly drove that home for me) and actually a survivalist who thinks he's the best because he's been through, for lack of a better way to put it, a frozen hell and back. 
And I'm good with that. 
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This one was always one of my fav guarfians X3
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I Read on a Trivia Fact on Spyro Wikia That Cyril Was Originally a Female and a Water Guardian, Is That True?
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Wow! Cyril looks really awesome here! He's my favorite Guardian besides Ignitus. :)
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Cyril may have had an arrogant and self-important personality, but he was just as great a character as all the other Guardians.
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I would not want to be hit in the face with that tail...
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Haaa, the pompous and self-centered guardian of the four. He seems to really like his lineage quite a bit. Don't know what else to say about him. I wouldn't mind seeing an update to all of the guardians to todays standards, would be an awesome thing to be sure.
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Ahh, Cyril was always my favorite. He reminded me a great deal of the English side of my family, and my mother, who moved from there to America years ago. <3
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Cyril was and will always be one of my favorites!
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An up to date version of this guy woul be fantastic! His design always intrigued me and when we catch a first glimpse of him in Tall Plains, all that blue against the lush green, it instantly makes you look at him! He was definitely put in the right environment, visually, to be rescued from because he really popped out.
You've described him as a "grizzled survivalist", so does that mean there's more to Cryil than meets the eye?
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oh my gosh
this dude is definitely my favourite of all the guardians! ;A;
i love the idea behind his design too, you and ron made such a lovely character together!
but man really thank you so much for sharing your arts with the community, can't wait to see more!! :D
was it ivan's idea to get you on here? X'D
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Hi Jaiette, I have indeed been talking with Ivan for quite some time now, and he'd asked me if I was interested in a DA account for sure. That said I've been thinking about it for years, but with the nature of my work being quite involving, time was not always a friend to me... so the idea of coming on wasn't in the fore of my mind unfortunately, especially with 3 young kids needing any time I could invest away from work. I finally decided to jump in this year so as to reconnect with fans and to do more TLoS related works to break up my 'work diet' so to speak, but you could say that Ivan gave me the gentle nudge needed out the door ;) 
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Aw mu gosh look at his icy skin and beautiful wings and the colours and everythiiiing
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Ice dragons need more face time, and none among them loves that more than Cyril.
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wasn't Cyril supposed to be a female water guardian?
This is awesome, by the way
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Originally yes, but that notion was dispelled in favour of the concept you see so as to make Cynder feel more unique and 'other' when set against all the existing Guardians. Thanks for the comment :D
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I think this is after they scrapped the idea my friend
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