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I've notice I haven't been active at all in this place, if you still care for my art, here's other places to find me
Recently I been trying to update pictures of drawings, making them look nice, appealing, basically George Lucasing it, but why? Let me explain.

Last year, I stop using printer paper for art and started using sketch paper, which is really good, but the only problem was the paper was too big for my piece of shit scanner. So instead of using a scanner, I use my I phone, and some stupid filters, It's awful, here's how I would do it. First I have some crappy drawing, I tape the paper of the drawing on the wall on my computer desk, then I spent a long ass time taking a picture that has good lighting, doesn't look blurry, and nice. What i'm trying to do now is fold the edges of the paper, making them smaller, some times it works, some times it doesn't.

Hopefully in the future, I can get a bigger scanner.
Hey 2017, get the fog out ah heeeeeeeeeeere, because it's 2018. My my, that was quick I tell you what, and I-...ehhh i'm not doing this bullshit, It's 2018, OK? Let's do this journal thing.

The first part is aboot the good and bad stuff that happen to you in 2017. 

1. My good cat Pepper Jack, sadly died. I had him sense I was a wee boy, as much as I miss him, he's in a better place.
2. My great grandma died, I know it would happen soon, but I wish it didn't, I started visiting her last year, and it was fun. She told me stories about her life and they were fun to listen to, it was fascinating hearing what life was like way before I was born. Great grandma, you shall be miss
3. My great Uncle sadly pass too, he was a super chill, great guy, and I was happy to visit him (even if it was not a lot). My favorite memory from him was when he got me an atari when I was a kid, that's not much at all to most people, but I thought it was a kick ass gift. Thanks great uncle, i'll miss you
4. I had the Harvey flood, It sucked, if you want to hear more about that, I made a journal of it a while back.


1. I've been improving a lot on my art, but I still need to do better.
2. I got flipnote 3ds, which I was soooo happy about, I thought I would never downloaded it, but thank god nintendo brought it back for a limited time only, I didn't even know that that happen until my friend Fearcrowz mention it on her stream. If it wasn't for her, I would have been screwed, so fear, thanks yo. If you want to see some of my toons, I posted them on my youtube.
3. I drew two comic strips, which I was super proud of and I'm really glad how they turned out, and I was really happy that they got some noticed here which never happens ever.
4. My one goat's having a baby soon, i'm excited to raise more goats after what happen...last year...
5. I met some amazing people, who I think of as great friends. 

Now time for my new years resolution.

1. I want to do more original art and more stories, yes people on this site don't give two shits about original stories and the people who watch me never seem to care for my stuff, but like I always said, that AIN'T stopping me  
2. After I finish school, I want to learn how to drive, and get a job.
3. I want to avoid doing art for the GaijinGoomba-FanClub, not because of personal issues, its because I do too much, and it sometimes stops me from doing my own stuff. I want to show the people watch me only for my gaijin art, that I can do more. Besides, my Gaijin art is utter shit anyways
4. Lose some weight, I recently been getting a gut because of thanksgiving, and Christmas.

That seems about it, now time for the taggers. How it works is I tag someone and they have to tell the good and bad of 2017, and their new years resolution.

A7XSparx, nightmare-puppet, MrKenen, ZyraAngel, Plyesdayk, QuietArtlst, FreaklySilent, Fearcrowz, phantom-ice, PMGPSW, EpicGuac, fuchsia-neko, and skulls887. YOU'RE IT HAA HAAAAA.    
*Arises from the grave*...Hi, i'm not dead anymore, where have I been? I been here, in this grave, would not recommend it, ok lets get serious

Where have you been you dumb FUCK?

Wellllllllllllll, two months ago, Houston Had a flood, and guess who's in Houston *points disgusting worthy crypt keeper finger at myself*, yep, I couldn't post any art for a while because my power went out, I did had LTE, but it wasn't good enough to upload art. During my time, I did some animations on my 3ds, using FlipNote 3D, if you like to see them, here's this [link], and here's this [link]. After the Flood, I still didn't had internet for a while, after three weeks, It finally turn back on and I was happy, I was a little happy boy because that means I can do art again, buuuuuuuuuut

Where's your shitty art?

Here's the thing, For a very long time, I use printer paper, and number two pencils to do my art, I finally realize, that's a really bad idea and its why my arts been crap for so long, that and i'm not a really good artist

What are you going to DO aboot it you HACK?

Okay first all, Please no yell at me, second, I have bought Sketch paper and actual art pencils, and I been practicing my art skills, I want to Improve, I want challenge myself, I want to do things I can never imagine, I want to do better at original art and fan art, but with that said.

Nobody cares for original art you FUCK.

I know, but I'm still doing it bitch, I love doing OA, more than FA, sometimes I'll do fanart, but I want to focus on OA more, I don't want to be known as the guy who does nothing more than Fan art 24/7 and couldn't do more in his art skills, I want to be known as something else. Yeah a lot of people don't care for OA, not even 90% of my watchers, But I IS STLLL GONNA DO IT

Where are other places I can find you, and pin yo-

So while I haven't been doing that much art, I still been active online, I have a twitter, If you have twitter too, follow me here, a youtube…, and that's it... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Look, I know 90% of my watchers don't care what I make, or do, or post, but for once, can you hear me out on this? It's not for me, it's for my friend Fearcrowz.…

Could you please help spread this journal, by posting it on a journal you made, or tweeting it? It could really help
I mostly do FlipNote stuff, hopefully more claymation stuff, and soon cartoons.…
Please help my friend MrKenen….
Even if you don't have money, help spread this journal.
Got this from fuchsia-neko.

1. What's one of you're favorite movie soundtracks? (and no it doesn't have to be a musical)

  Oh god where do I start, Star Wars, the south park movie, Ghost busters (The 1984 one), Little shop of horrors, back to the future, and....Sausage party... (Audience: Faggot) HEAR ME OUT, I think sausage party is ok, it does has flaws, and somethings I don't like from the movie, but the soundtrack from Alen Menken (The guy who made a lot of Disney soundtrack, i'm not kidding.) is beautiful, and very well composed, and I recommend you give it a chance 

2. What's your favorite art medium? (this doesn't have to be you're favorite art medium to do)
Art medium that looks good, and doesn't look like shit.
3. What is a movie/video-game/TV-show/comic that you think deserves more attention?
The Don Hertzfeldt movie, Its such a beautiful day. Its a very well made movie, it's fascinating to watch, and its strange and a good way.  
4. Favorite Youtuber?
I have more then one, *inhale* James Rolfe, Jontron, psyhicpepples, OneyNG, OneyPlays, SuperMega, Rebel Taxi, I Hate Everything, Rubber Ross, StamperTV, RicePirate, SpazKid3D, Brandon Turner, El Cid, Lonely 
  Lonely Goomba, Gaijin Goombah, and Caddicarus.
5. Do you like pineapple on pizza, or are you one of those weird people who think it's an abomination?
I never had pineapple on pizza, because I don't trust pineapple...I have my reasons, so I can't say anything. I will say that I have fries on pizza, and that shit is Gooooooooooooooood.
6. What's the most random thought you've had at some point in time? A thought that had nothing to do with anything you were doing or were around, that maybe even made you stop and think?
What does it feel to fart out of your mouth?
7. What is your honest opinion of DeviantART?
Eh, but I have a soft spot for it mostly because its the reasons I met a lot of my friends, like YOU.
8. Ya like scones? Personally, I've never had one.
Snow cones are good, but Icee's is were its at.
9. Anything you're hyped for at the moment?
Rick, and Morty season 3, and Cuphead. RaM because I love the show, and I been waiting for ever, and Cuphead, because it looks beautiful, and I love the Max Fleischer style they're going for.

10. We've gotten to question 10 :bademoticon:  How ya feel about that?
  You think you're better then me?
11. Do you know of any book/comic/video-game that probably shouldn't be adapted into a movie?
12. What do you think would happen if Doc and Marty met Rick and Morty?
Doc would want Morty to lick his balls and Rick to jerk him off, and Marty would fly his kite.
13. Are you disappointing that I haven't continued my series SDotM yet? (or at least haven't started up a new series or something I'm so sorry you guys I've been really trying you know I'll update you guys soon on that)
   I'm not, because I UNDER, STAND

  Now here's my questions.
1. What was a fad you were into as a kid, and regretted (My Answer: Angry Birds, I sadly love it so much, I had plushies, blanket, brands, and I would make clay figures of the birds all the time...I was a fag. Your answer?)
2. Was there something you like, but regretted liking? (My Answer: I use to like Leafy... Your answer?)
3. Unpopular food opinion? (My Answer: I love strawberry milk, more then chocolate milk. Your Answer?)
4. Ugliest Cartoon you watch? (My answer: Some adult cartoons. Your answer?)
5. What was a movie you loved, but now don't and regretted? (My answer, meet the Spartans, I used to think it was the funniest movie ever, now I don't. Your answer?)
 That's all I can think of.
Tag by this beautiful boy (PMGPSW.)

1. Answer the 13 questions made by the deviant who tagged you, then make your own 13 questions!
2. Tag 13 deviants 
3. Don't say "You're tagged if you're reading this", let's be honest no one will read this unless they were tagged (x~x) 
4. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (No.)
5. And finally, don't tag the deviant who tagged you!! (too bad.)

1. What would be your dream vacation?

      Miami, I would stay in a big ass room, in a hotel


2. If you could live with any YouTuber for a week - who would it be and why?
      OneyPlays, because they funny boys

3. You are a character in a video game, would you rather be a Protagonist or an Antagonist? Why?

      Protagonist, Because I saaaaave the woooooooooooooorld 

4. You are in a Danganronpa killing game - Do you think you'd be a Murder Victim, Murderer or Survivor?

     I be the Murder Victim, because want this shit over with.

5. You are invited to a mansion, you despise the host / hostess and decide to kill them, you use an Original Clue weapon to kill them, which do you use and why (you can only use 1)

     I don't know shit about clue, How ever, I will say that if I was invited to that mansion, I write them back with a fuck you, because why the hell would I go to a                   mansion full of assholes? 

6. I decided to come and meet you, what would we do together for the day?

     Watch a movie.

      Play a game.

      Go to sleep, and be alone with our thoughts.

7. You won the lottery, what would you do with your windfall?

    Well the first thing I would do is give some of my money for my friends who actually need it. My friends need money more then me to be honest, and I would do               anything to help them.

8. Think of the last character you played as in a video game - Would you F*** Them, Marry Them or Kill Them?

    Well I was playing some Luigi's mansion, So that means... Hell yeah I would F Luigi, I'm no gay, but Luigi's got that ass.

9. If my board game was for sale, Would you buy it?

   No....duh, yes

10. If the answer for Question 9 was YES - Who would you play as first? (You cannot pick your own character if they are in the game)

   I would play assssssssssssssss...You, I would make you look like a goober in the game.

    Now here's my questions

    1. Would you buy the Seth Macfarlane Christmas album?

    2. Weirdest dream you ever had?

    3. What is a movie you like either know its really bad?

    4. What was a show you saw on TV, and you thought why is this shit on TV?

    5. If you could have any prob from any movie, what would it be?

    6. If you could have a puppet from any movie, like the plant from little shops of horrors, or one of the ghost from ghost busters, or the alien queen from aliens. what would it be?

    7. 5 Favorite characters from me, and why?

    8. Was there ever a time you heard someone say something so damn stupid, you look at them like...Did you really say that?

    9. If you could have any food from a cartoon, what would it be? Even if its a food that was completely made up.

   10. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....who would win in a fight? Marty Mcfly, or the T1000. MARTY...Dumbass

   11. Thoughts on the number 11?

   12. What was your favorite gift as a child?

   13. What was a movie that blow your mind...for how awful it is.

Now then, I tag...who ever wants to do this journal. Feel free to answer the questions in the comments below.


It was the one of Shane and Shane Jr laughing, but with sound.
My friend Fearcrowz needs help, she needs batteries for her laptop which cost a lot of money. The only way to help her is to give money for her patron, and help spread this journal.

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I'm sorry I was gone for three days. I want to say thank you all so much for all the amazing birthday wishes

I also love to say thank you for my two amazing friends, Fearcrowz, and MrKenen for making me fantastic gifts.
Fear made me a super well made picture of my character Alen

Ken did a fantastic picture of my characters, Shane, and Shane Jr…

Also one of my watchers RetroGalicia added my character and Shane in a birthday slumber party drawing…

1. Post these rules
2. List eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other deviants
4. List the names of the tagged character next to their creator's usernames

Tagged by: :iconmrgelo97:

<da:thumb id="657063633"/>

Character: Alen 

1. I created Alen when I was 12, I was just in school drawing on paper, and thought up a little blue big lip alien, I liked his design, and wanted to have him as a main character for something.
2. Alen originally didn't have the big lips, He first had a small mouth, but I thought it didn't look right, Then he had a mouth that was a big line, but I thought it look better if I gave him some lips.
3. if you haven't guest it already, Alen's name is really just the word Alien without the I...12 year old Shane, you're a dumb ass.
4. one time when I was 12, or 13, I made a claymation of Alen being chased by some white blob monster, It was choppy as all hell, and the footage look like it was filmed with a potato, but I still like it. 
5. on the topic of claymation, and Alen, I always wanted to make a claymation game with him. I had ideas of making a claymation point, and click game of Alen (like the neverhood.) where his in a giant castle and he has to solve puzzles to escape, and defeat the main villain, Stitch-O-Ray Along with his pet, Dingle.
6.The way Alen's eyes shows expressions was based off of the eyes from veggie tales (When I was a wee little boy, I watch the hell out of veggie tales.), I always like how they show the expressions of the characters eyes, and I thought it look funny.
7. Alen actually has two toes in his weird space jumpsuit.
8....He also has two dicks, but you'll never see it ever.

I tag... who ever wants to do this

My dear friend :iconfearcrowz:, needs help. She needs money, and doesn't have any. Please support her on patreon, and give her a watch. She is a very talented artist, and her art is gorgeous.
Hello peps, my friend's friend needs a lot of help.
He needs money for his house, and his family.
Here are the links

Even if you can't give him money, you still can help. By spreading this journal, it would help a lot.
When I was walking, a sudden dribble of urine shot down my pant leg, it was unexpected, then some little fat kid with a deformed foot tried to sell me a magazine subscription. I look at the list of magazines for sale, and I angrily wondered why they didn't offer any Asian porn, then I wondered why I wondered that.

If you don't get this reference, you are missing out.

A parody song I made for BKcrazies0

Shane: Hello their kiddies, Merry Christmas, and merry Christmas to goombas every where.
You remember Rudolph right? That guy with the red nose, and should may, or may not see a doctor about that? well we got a song about a reindeer who had more problems then that red nose freak, and her name is Yuki, the front legs missing reindeer

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
you know Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen...
Actually, no one knows who these guys are, and what kind of names are these?
But do you recall,
the most weirdest reindeer of all.

Yuki the front legs missing reindeer.
Didn't had front legs
And if you ever saw her
You would never guest she was a reindeer.
All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call her names
They never let poor Yuki,
Join in any reindeer games

Yuki: You mean to tell me the reason you assholes won't let me join is because I don't have front legs?... I have back legs you idiots, I can still play the games with my back legs, you know what no, Frack you, and your reindeer games...(walking far away)...Basterds, if I did had front legs I been flipping you off right now.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Shane came to say,
Yuki, guest what, got some legs for you.

Yuki: Jesus Shane you killed a reindeer, and cut off their legs?

Shane: What? no man, I just went to the hospital, and bought them. Good god man, I may be nuts, but I'm not crazy.
Now then, you want me to sew these onto you?

Yuki: Wait isn't this song suppose to teach you that it's okay to be different, and being different might just come in handy?

Shane: In what way would a front legs missing half goomba, half reindeer by handy in any way?

Yuki:...Give me the legs.

And so Shane sew the legs on her,
And she legally change her name
Yuki the now has front legs reindeer,
You look weirder then before.

Yuki: (Flips the singer off.)

So the two then went to a gun store,
and bought some giant guns,
and they then went to the reindeer, frat house.

They then cock their guns,
and aim at the frat house,
Yuki then said, this is for making fun of me you assholes.

So they fire their guns,
and shower the frat house with bullets,
and then the frat house, crumble down.

Now the two have to hide, and move to a different country,
Yuki, and Shane Yasso, you are now criminals.


And I loves it, and happy to join the fandom...just as long as you guys aren't butt fucking retarted, and don't threaten people to suicided(like some fandoms) then we good.