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Cuddle day Ruby x male reader
(Ruby is 17 in this and your semblance is electricity control)
Ruby: Give up love, you can’t beat me this match!
You had to admit, your girlfriend was pretty strong. Even if you had trained almost everyday she could never realistically be beaten. And thanks to your last attack you were pretty much out, you were just bearly in the yellow and almost in the red.
(Y/N): How are you able to stay standing little rose? Not my ‘shocking’ displays could stop you.
Yang: Boo! Finish him for that terrible pun Rubes!
Weiss: Yes! Show his team RWBY means business!
Blake: I thought you weren’t entertained by the matches?
Weiss: It's not like there’s anything else to do.
As the rest of team RWBY talked you and Ruby were in a standoff. She raised crescent rose a bit higher above her, seemingly getting ready to charge you and finish the fight. You had an idea, but you hardly think it’ll work.
Ruby: Any last words before I beat you (Y/N)?
(Y/N): Trying to stall my love
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 35 8
Worth it? Penny Polendina part 2
POV: None   Timeskip a few days later
At around six in the morning a messenger knocked on your door awakening you, when he informed you that you were summoned by Winter you quickly got dressed in your uniform and made your way down to her office. Once there you knocked a few times and entered when she said “Come in”
WInter: Ah, glad of you to finally get here.
(Y/N): With all due respect commander but cut me some slack, I’ve only been here a few days
Winter: It doesn’t matter Mr. (L/N). You’re part of Atlas now, and you will be on time as any other Atlas soldier would be.
(Y/N): Just please tell me why you wanted me down here.
Winter: *Sigh* Well as you know the dance is tonight, I just want you to know what’s at stake here.
(Y/N(: I know I know, go to the ball with Weiss or I get expelled.
Winter: Good, I also called you down here to inform you your work in the technical definition will start later tonight. In Fact you'll be assisting General I
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 12 3
Mature content
Final. Yang x Male-reader Worth it? :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 29 5
Mature content
Final. Ruby x Male-reader Worth it? :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 20 18
Mature content
Worth it? Pyrrha part 1 (Warning: scary) :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 26 20
Twilight: Yang X Malereader
You were nervous as all hell, it was prom night and your girlfriend Yang Xiao Long. You Two have been together for almost two months. Yeah your relationship was barely starting out but you both knew you loved each other, and tonight you were gonna prove it to her by singing a song you wrote. You called in a few of your favors with your friends and taught them how to play their instruments a few weeks prior. You had Ren on the piano, Neptune on the keyboard, Sun on a synthesizer, Nora on the digital percussion, Jaune on the drums and you on guitar and vocals. (And yes, that is how much goes into this song). You had practiced like hell and you ran the lyrics by everyone of your bandmates you still felt like you weren’t ready.
Jaune: (Y/N) dude snap out of your funk, we gotta get on stage.
(Y/N): W-wait right now?!
Ren: You’ll do fine (Y/N), you are ready as are we.
Nora: Yeah! Let's go blow some minds with some awesome music!
(Y/N): You guy
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 17 4
Final. Blake x Male-reader Worth it?
'__': Text talking/texting
Also before you read there is hinting towards "Whiterose" but its not anything bad really
POV: None Time skip to early morning
   You didn’t wanna believe what you saw last night. You didn’t wanna believe Weiss was cheating on you, with Cardin of all people. You didn’t know what to feel, anger? Your emotions were all out of whack. One moment you were pissed as all hell and the next you started tearing up and balling your eyes out. You had to clear your head somehow, so you decided to get out of your stuffy dorm room. You changed out of your day old clothes and changed into some cleaner, fresher ones and you finally put your jacket on. You were gonna grab your wallet until you forgot you had no money inside so it’d be pointless.
(Y/N): *sigh* What the hell am I gonna do without money…?
You walk back over towards your bed and land face down onto your pillow, the rest of your b
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 21 6
Mature content
Luna Lovegood x Male reader Christmas special! :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 21 20
Worth it? Penny Polendina part 1
POV: None
Nobody….not one of them looked back...they just walked off….well, the girl and red looked back and mouthed the words ‘Sorry’, but she kept walking with her friends towards the bulkhead. You thought team RWBY was the nicest and funnest team around, but all of them bar their leader left you sitting on the ground almost in tears. You proceed to get up and dust off your clothes, then you got to thinking; what if they were just in a bad mood? You knew they were always the go to team for Ozpin. You also knew they stayed up pretty late, the bags under their eyes being the dead give away. So you proceeded to pick up your things and organize them in your bag since you always left the zipper unzipped.
(Y/N): Goddammit, I always forget to zip this fucker up.
Finally after putting your cooking textbook, your geometry book, your physics book, your programing book and a few of you *ahem*...more adult contents back in your bag, you put the straps over your shoulders
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 27 8
Mature content
I hate mayself XD :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 1 58
Fan art mash up
   I don’t know how I even got here, one minute I’m running from natives and snakes in the jungle, the next minute I’m in some weird town. There’s girls with wings and some weird magic shit. I'd be lying if I said I was alright with being here, I think I found something I hate more than snakes. They’re so…..brightly colored, and they seem so…...calm with me being here, I’m so fucking creeped out. Then some group of girls walk over to me, god I hate this place.
Twilight: Huh? I’ve never seen you in Equestria. You new around here?
Pinkie Pie: Yeah, and what’s with your clothes mister?
Indiana Jones: God, you’re so pink it hurts my eyes.
Apple-jack: At least we aren’t dirty and depressing like you mister, what’s with the whip and purse?
D-did she just say purse!? Who does this country hick think she is!?
Indiana Jones: This is a sachal not a purse! And for your information this whip comes in handy in a
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 1 11
Mature content
Worth it? Winter part 1 :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 38 28
Mature content
Worth it? Glynda part one :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 27 16
Mature content
Worth it? Raven path part one :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 36 28
Chibi me by That-irish-guy Chibi me :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 4 4 Serana birthday gift by That-irish-guy Serana birthday gift :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 3 0


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