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For another, not possessing the strength and skill to ward off adversaries has bothered her to no end. "Never again", is the phrase that goes through her mind as she focuses her spirit to becoming a better warrior.
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Though I’m generally curious.. what story is this photo from?

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Take It In Stride

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In-between stories

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Now, is very extreme powerfull, women machine war in the infinite powers.

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Tell me you have a picture where Ronnie Ann gets some payback?

Hi Ronnie Anne may I have a boxing or wrestling match with you please

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Ronnie ann:I will become stronger!😠😡📜

Me:That's the spirit!📄📑📃

(Guess I'll adapt her to as well here)

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Power level at 9000!

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No it's over 10,000!😈😏😁🤣

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Eh, close enough.

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Most hardcore things happen in spite of revenge. Once, a guy was constantly mistreated by his dad. The father always called him lazy and incompetent. So, the son went to the second World War and proved his father wrong. Léo Major's acts of heroism are still unknown today, because Canada doesn't really celebrate war heroes as much as the United-States.

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The important thing is to fight.

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that's the ronnie Anne I know willing to defend others like Lincoln, reason to be strong nothing sensitive haters saying that she doesn't deserve it for intimidating him PLEASE ALREADY OVERCOME IT IT HAS ALREADY BEEN 5 YEARS RESPECT THE LIKES OF OTHERS, sorry but it had to be said

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These comments would look so much better if they actually bothered to read Person's Worth and Stride.

Is this going to be a flashback in a future chapter of Take It In Stride?

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Not my initial intention, but what a grand idea.

Ronnie Anne: I will avenge both myself and my future husband for the sake of my future : 2033

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No one gonna hurt my man!

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Ah. Yes. This makes sense given what drives her.

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Bad Luck Brawler?

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