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Lara and Kurtis

All done in Autodesk 3DS Max
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Damn! I just started playing AoD and I saw this picture in a Google search. Lara looks hella good in that dress! Also, RIP Kurtis, we still remember.
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FYI Kurtis' alive and well after TRAOD :) You can read about a planned game for him and details on TRAOD2 on our website :) 
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Oh yeah, I heard that he was still alive, but I was lamenting the current state of his character and Core's version of Tomb Raider.
Thanks for the link, I'll give it a look.
RainySpringMorning's avatar
I love how Kurtis is almost melting away into the background, like a memory...


By the way, this dress is so much more appealing and classy (in my opinion) than the one she wore in Legend. Less plunge, more style!
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Lascivious-Kitty's avatar
I've become your for ever fan. :aww: I love this soooo much!! ^^
MKrone's avatar
♥ WOW! Man, both looking so damn hot & sexy, ya know. And Lara looks so damn great & awesome in that dress, too. Please more of her in that one. Keep on working. ♥
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aw, this one is really awesome! I loved that dress the moment I saw it playing TRC for the first time. Seeing it recreated, is wonderful! I love your renders, but they just getting better and better! I am so jealous. lol. Someday I want to do too. lol. Great job on Kurtis outfit and new look. Lara and Kurtis look so cute together!
that-damn-ash-kid's avatar
Thanx :) And dont be jealous, you will do that and even better i know :)
donovinci's avatar
aw, I dont know Ash. its going pretty slow. I feel like its taking forever to get there. lol. I have only made 3 characters to date and two of them are really bad. lol.
that-damn-ash-kid's avatar
Rome wasnt built in one day isnt it :)
donovinci's avatar
that is so true. thank you. haha. I am just impatient is all. I see people around me all the time making their dreams came true and I feel like its going in slow motion for me. But if I look back I am definitely on the road I want to be on.
that-damn-ash-kid's avatar
Im impatient too lol I droped learning 3ds a few times, but hey
Lucietaaa's avatar
Perfect. You have done a good work! :D
kadryn's avatar
:P lol, Kurtis looks too ready for going to the opera
MaimeUJ's avatar
If they make another TR they better have Kurtis come back cause he is just too awesome for them not to bring him back, oh and nice pic amazingly done as always :D
SarahCorvis's avatar
You are a genius! :heart: :+favlove:
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