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Lara Croft and Kurtis Trent

I was the first Tomb Raider fan to ever produce a 3D render with Lara and Kurtis Trent. This was back in 2006ish and my skills greatly improved  since then, or at least I hope so.
Therefore, I am "remastering" a few of my old renders. This one was brought to my attention on my website the other day.
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Ah, the blue slit dress she wore at the opera showcase.  That story in Rome was a great way to kick off Chronicles, even if the game itself suffered from the stories being too short or the gameplay mechanics being too hard at times.  Kurtis looks rather handsome in this rendering too.
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This exquisite rose seems familiar :D
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They have improved indeed! Good stuff! :D
*thinks of the next one she's gonna post in Tumblr to bring your attention*
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If possible do alter the logo to when you post ;) can be just a plain text. "the album" thing is long dead
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Oh, sorry, I didn't see thit until now. Anyway I don't know how to do that, I prefer not to touch it. I imagine those links are not working anymore but I've never been one of removing logos... nor even complaining about them ;)