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Welcome to my account! Whether a normal deviant or a roleplayer. If you'd like more information about me, go
Here to check out my past history~ Please enjoy your stay and visit. I'm always welcomed to make friends!

:bulletred:This is a multiship account!!:bulletred:

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Matthew was born from his mother Bosei without the knowledge of his father. His mother being a white cat and him being a grey one. Soon to follow would be of his younger sister Blair. With only few years to be a kitten/child, Matthew soon had to realize that Blair would need a fatherly role which he took upon himself to give her as well as for the Mizunes and Eruka. Though the Mizunes and Blair always went to him to see who was hotter, it had left him in the middle of a somewhat complicated situation in the sense that choosing on who's better in family, let alone the flirts they did to him to try and prove they were better.

Over the years as his childhood ended too early, he soon discovered the fascination of science by looking through the windows upon Professor Franken Stein and watched his classes for most of the day which he actually found interesting. Little to that had music taken his interest too. Upon the age of early age of 18, Matthew had signed up to be a scientist for the government being one of the earliest neko's to join such a thing. With this said, it had left Blair to grow up with his mother and his cousins as well (Eruka Frog, the Mizunes, both which were black mailed ealier before the events of the anime/manga occured to become witches) and leading to the parts of Soul Eater's manga and anime. When Matthew returned back after the events of the anime/manga, he realized he missed a big deal of adventure, even though he set out to do what he was interested in. Matthew tends to show warmth and content to his friends and family. Smiling and caring. However, this doesn't always mean he's truly happy. Because Matthew missed his childhood and sacrificed it to give his realitives a childhood instead, Matthew doesn't always understand the meaning of fun in things. Sometimes in jokes, even playful ones, he would laugh awkwardly for not finding amusement in it. There are very rare things that truly make him happy, which aren't very easy. He tends to give more then recieve more since he finds it that if he gives more, people would appreciate him better. Breaking his rule of 'logic' including Giving over recieving, will tend to make him stress out IF it is proven, which he likes to ignore and refuse to face the truth. Matthew secretly yearns for a motherly love and care with nuture, which is why Tsubaki makes him feel loved the most. He's afraid of loosing her and therefore, will do his best to please her in anyway, so that way she will never leave him.

"If you wanna lure a cat, you gotta know how to play well~"


Gashi's COFFEE ''DRINK IT'' - justDEF [FanArt] by justD3F Gashi's COFFEE ''DRINK IT'' - justDEF [FanArt] :iconjustd3f:justD3F 252 50 Blossom Scarlet by SnowyBlueEmbers Blossom Scarlet :iconsnowyblueembers:SnowyBlueEmbers 5 0
Thank you Everyone!
Hello my dearest friends!! :iconnatsusmileplz:
I just want to have my sentimental moment with you all because every single one of you are the reason I enjoy this little hobby of mine! Even though I'm definitely not the best artist out there you all continue to support me and I cannot express my gratitude enough to each and every one of you!! Thank you all so much for the llamas the faves the comments they all give me so much joy!! Love to all of you whom continue to support me and be my dear friends whom I will always cherish!!:hug::heart: 
Yours truly,
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Trying to make a come back!
((Yo!!! Admin here!!! I'm trying to make a comeback cause I'll be honest with you this account died and I want to bring it back to life... So if you are an admin of an account that is active and possibly Soul Eater related please hit me up.... I'm going to start being on more often so hopefully I'll be easier to get a hold of... I also have to study again so my Kilik will be on point but all of that is a given I'm just here stating that I am attempting to make a come back but if this fandom is dead it might be hard but if that's the case I will try not to let that stop me... But That's all I'm saying lol Anyway Happy Holidays to everyone who might be reading this. XD))
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Thank you to
:iconelectric-ghosty:Electric-Ghosty and :iconxxcuteemmyxx:xxCuteEmmyxx for allowing me to have my premium membership~!

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Guys. I've been here for a while and I'm really pleased to have a chance to meet so many wonderful people here, and that DeviantArt is my second home. However, there comes a time where I do wish to have something and that I would really like. With the felt of no talent at all and no money to pay to get points, I have to ask you guys, as good people, if you could donate some points for the needs of:
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However, I need your help for this. I am trying, off screen, to improve my artwork. I'm inspired by many people here well, enough jealousy to go out and work on my skills. While they are alright in some forms, I do hope to expand. But please, with donations like yours if you do, it would really mean a lot for me if you did so. Thank you.

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"Ability is a wonderful thing, but its value is greatly enhanced by dependability"
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That-Adorable-Cat's Profile Picture
United States
Race: Neko
Height: 6'5"
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Sex: Male
Weight: 155

He appears as a highly attractive young man with a well-muscled build with black pants tight on the knees and matching shoes, an opened shirt showing his bare chest. His witch hat remains but it is shorter, more like a top hat or a fedora but the top still has the curly tip. The bauble on his chest that resembles his cat collar has now turned into a necklace and he has also got a belt and a second, thin belt hanging down to his left. In his cat form he is a grey maine coon with black tips on the ears and his tail and stubby paws with a furry coat to keep him warm during the winter as genetics appear.

Matthew is a neko who cares for his family and friends with loyalty. He seems to show more care towards females then males, mostly because he grew up around them including his sister Blair, his mother Bosei, and his cousins Eruka and the Mizunes. Without a father, he had grown up to not be sociable with most of them. At times once in a while with the instincts of his breed, a Maine Coon, Matthew has the feeling for attention let alone the attention he never recieved as much from his mother since he had to become a fatherly figure for Blair. Matthew tends to try to think logically at times as well. Though in his cat form, due to the difference of cat age and human age, he acts more like a child unlike Blair.

Attention, friends, family, food, playing, exploring, science, music, mechanical technology, chemicals, logic, Death Bucks, expariments

Lack of attention, loneliness, abandoning, cicadas, mold, unlogic explainations, anything that just seems... 'really?'.

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Female counterpart >:iconthat-adorable-feline:


Dedication To My Babu


This is one of my closest friends on Deviant Art and she's the kindest person you'll ever meet. I'd advise anyone who sees this to go and watch her and become friends. She's gentle and caring towards everyone and this person has been a really big help into showing me that not everything is bad. While we both struggle to deal with certain issues about each other, we both support and help one another guide each other through. She's a good friend and if not, a great friend. She is one amazing person and I couldn't ask for a better friend! I will do anything to protect this wonderful person~:heart:

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