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“Shiro?” Lance walked into what was Shiro’s room, though one could call it that again.
“Yeah, Lance?” Shiro looked up at him. He was sitting on his bed, processing the events. They were back home, on Earth. He had reunited with Adam and announced their former engagement to the team, to which Adam suggested to forget the events prior to the Kerberos mission, much to Shiro’s relief.
“Can to you?” Lance questioned nervously. Shiro nodded and gestured for Lance to sit next to him. Hesitantly, Lance sat down, taking a moment to gather his thoughts before speaking, “When did you know?”
Shiro looked at Lance, confused, “Know?” Something told him he knew what Lance was talking about, as Keith asked the same thing so many years ago.
“ were…” Lance struggled to find the words, not sure what to call Shiro as all he knew was Adam.
“Gay?” Shiro finished for him. Lance
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And They Were Roommates
This...wasn’t exactly what Rose expected when she applied for this university. Of course she had heard of trolls, her natural craving of knowledge drove her to research all about them, but seeing an alien in real life isn’t exactly the same as seeing them in a Google Image search. Living in the woods came with things like being isolated and seeing very few other human beings, much less trolls. She thought perhaps she should have expected feeling such a way, after all they were aliens. Refugees after their planet...basically exploded. Mostly low or mid bloods as any higher ups didn’t have to worry, after all, the empress could take care of them. But nobody else. She never struck Rose as a very compassionate ruler. Of course, there were a few highbloods, but not many. Or, so she heard.
After coming down from the initial shock, Rose made her way to her dormitories, passing grey and human skinned students alike. The aura some of these trolls gave off was...well she didn
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Just a Slice of Red Velvet
The team enjoyed the cake Hunk made, Lance was especially grateful, of course.
"How did you find the Red Velvet?" Lance asked before taking a bite. The ingredients seemed so Earth-like, he was surprised he was even able to make it.
"Remember that store with all the Earth stuff? The one we got Kaltenecker and that game from?" Hunk answered around a full mouth, "I asked him where he gets all of it. Basically went on a scavenger hunt for it all."
Lance laughed, "well, thanks for going through all the trouble. I really appreciate it but you didn't have to."
"Of course we did," Pidge chimed in with a smile.
"We know how much you miss your family on Earth, Lance," *Allura walked up, her face filled with genuine care. If anyone related to Lance it was her. Pidge's family was somewhere out in space, reachable if lost. Keith didn't really have a family and Hunk...well he never brought it up. Neither did Coran. But Allura, Allura understood the feeling of never being able to truly see them...eve
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Lance woke up in tears to the sound of alarms ringing and Allura’s screeching voice over the intercom.  “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” Allura shouted. Lance knew that it was though, But he and the others had to act like it wasn’t or it’d be extra training for all of them. He quickly put on his armour and went on his way to the control room, trying to shake off the dream he’d had. He ran down the stairs, wiping his face roughly as he rushed into the control room with most of the rest of the paladins, apart from Hunk, to Coran’s applause and Allura’s disapproval.
Coran’s ‘Good job paladins!’ was impossible to hear over Allura’s frustrated voice. “You all are much too late! We would all be dead by now if this was a real situation! And Hunk!” She points to the yellow paladin just walking in the door looking very sleepy, pajamas hanging halfway off of him. “You were even later! You all took a whole minute
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Lance woke up from his beauty sleep to a seemingly empty castle. He walked around, calling out for anybody. Hunk wasn’t cooking breakfast, but, thankfully, neither was Coran. Allura wasn’t even flying the ship. Pidge was nowhere to be found. Finally, he found Keith. He seemed like the only one on the entire ship other than him. This was his worst nightmare. “Keith! Do you know where everyone’s at?”
Keith got up from the couch quickly, “Not at all!”
“Well,” Lance sighed, turning around, “I’m going to go hang out with Blue-”
“You can’t!” Keith grabbed Lance’s arm, stopping him.
“And why not?”
“Because...uh-” Keith thought for a second, “Because they’re doing maintenance!
Lance gave Keith a look of complete mistrust, shaking his head, “Sure…”
“Uh-look, Hunk did make breakfast," He pointed to a delicious looking meal on the table over w
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Rude Female Trolls
"STRIDER!" Karkat's raspy voice carried through the hall's to Dave's ears, making him sirk as he walked into the troll's respiteblock. "'sup?" Karkat pushed Dave up against the wall as soon as he walked in. "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY COPY OF RUDE FEMALE TROLLS? IT'S THE LAST ONE IN EXISTENCE, CONSIDERING WE KIND OF, OH I DON'T KNOW, BLEW UP MY ENTIRE PLANET!!"
Dave shrugged. "I dunno, why would i take your shitty romcom movies?" Karkat growled in anger, face only a few inches from Dave's "BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS TAKE MY SHIT!"
"only 'cause you always take my cape as a blanket." Dave's words made Karkat's face blush red, eyes darting away from the human's annoying sunglasses. "THERE'S NO RECUPERACOONS HERE..I-" "but there's plenty of blankets" "IT KEEPS ME FROM HAVING NIGHTMARES, OKAY? AND SO DOES RUDE FEMALE TROLLS SO I'D APPRECIATE IT IF YOU GAVE IT BACK!"
Dave blinked, though Karkat couldn't see it, a little stunned by Karkat's confession, he chuckled to hide his surprise, his "cool" facade ba
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All For Nothing
“Strider!” karkat snapped, forcing Dave out of his daydream, “Dave, I need your help…”
Dave nearly broke his stoic glare with a smirk, “You need me?”
“I need your help, you prick.” Karkat crossed his arms, “Eridan has been pestering me about going to the prom with me, and since obviously Terezi and Sollux are off the table…I need to pretend like I'm going with you to get him off my back.”
“What about Nepeta?”
“Can't do that to her, you know she's flushed for me already.”
“Wrong quadrant.”
“...LOOK will you just do this or not??”
Dave nearly laughed at Karkat’s flushed red face, “Yeah, alright, Karkat. As long as we maintain a strict ‘no homo’ rule about this, alright? I can’t have you ruining my vibe with your weird troll mating rit-”
“Wouldn’t dream of it, Strider!” Karkat g
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Mature content
The Universe Just Made a Mistake :iconthat-1-nobody-knows:that-1-nobody-knows 0 0
Mature content
Red and Violet-Chapter 5 :iconthat-1-nobody-knows:that-1-nobody-knows 1 1
In Which JohnDave Try To Watch Movies
Dave stares at his boyfriend in dull irritation for the fifth time that day. He wasn’t shocked by his antics anymore and had given up on trying to beat him, deciding the constant battle to one up everybody else should die with his brother. John’s prankster gambit once again filled up, recognizing the cake-spattered face of John’s boyfriend.
“I literally just took a shower, Egbert! Now you’ve covered me in gooey, flour and icing, dooming me to a cold shower as heartless as you.”
John took his glasses off to save them from the tears clouding his vision from the uncontrollable laughter. He stuttered out a barely coherent sentence between snorts and giggles, “Aw, Dave, don’t be like that! You love my gooey baked goods.”
“Gross, Egbert. Gross.”
“Why don’t I make it up to you? We can chill and watch some movies.”
Dave’s eyes narrowed in playful suspicion, “Are you suggesting...Netflix & Chill?
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Mature content
Red and Violet Chapter 4 :iconthat-1-nobody-knows:that-1-nobody-knows 1 0
Playing Favorites
“Angelica! Buttercup, how was school?” Phil smiled down at his 15-year-old daughter. She shrugged her shoulders, throwing her bag down on the couch, “Awful as always! And will you stop calling me Buttercup?” She joked, smiling softly, “It’s so childish.”
Phil shook his head, “You’ll always be my little Buttercup, you know that.”
Angelica shook her head, going to the kitchen to find a snack. Phil followed, leaning against the counter, “So, nothing interesting?
“Well…” Angelica looked away, face flushing red, “There is someone…”
Phil looked up in interest, smiling, “Oh? A boy?” Phil smirked, “-or a girl,” he added quickly. His daughter shrugged, grabbing a cookie her dads had made for their latest video. She took a bit to avoid talking, if only for a little bit, while Phil waiting patiently.
“Yea, it’s a boy. He-um, he’s on the football team. He
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Mature content
Red And Violet Chapter 3 :iconthat-1-nobody-knows:that-1-nobody-knows 0 0
Mature content
Red and Violet chapter 2 :iconthat-1-nobody-knows:that-1-nobody-knows 0 0
The Video After Next
They were about to find out. Millions of people around the world were about to have their questions finally answered, and Dan wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. He argued with himself for hours in his room about rather or not to do this. He had already hyped it up on YouNow, there was no turning back. His fans deserved to know anyway.
   He took a breath, setting up his room for the video. There was no turning back, he reminded himself. His fans deserved to know, and he deserved the right to let it out. He turned the camera on with a nervous breath before sitting down, smiling and doing his usual salute to the camera, “Hello Internet!” He laughed dryly before continuing, “We need to talk. I’m sure you’ve all figured it out, but there’s still some debate going on, and I’m here today to end it. Some of you are still debating on rather I'm gay or straight, and well, I’m not. I’m not gay...and I’m not straight e
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They finally did it
“I’m sorry about all of that,” Castiel mumbles, staring at the untouched beer Dean had given him. The others shook their head, “Cas, listen,” Mary sat up, “You’re family. This family gets into trouble…”
“This family nearly dies,” Sam continues,
“This family waits until our dying moments to say anything,” Dean said quietly, barely loud enough for Castiel to hear him, to hear what almost sounded like bitterness in his voice. He wasn’t given a chance to dwell on it before Mary continued, “You’re one of us now, Castiel. You’re one of my boys now.” She smiles before getting up with Sam to their rooms. Dean didn’t move.
“‘I love you’?” Dean glared at Cas, causing him to cower in his seat, “You wait until we all think you’re going to die before you say that to me?”
“I-I didn’t think you…”
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