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The tarrasque, based on the D&D Third Edition "Monster Manual" illustration.

Built to D&D miniature scale (1 square = 5 feet); approximately 16" long and 12" high. A LEGO minifigure easily fits inside the mouth.

Felt and craft foam over wire maquette and polyfill, 2003.

Preliminary sketches:
Tracing from MM: [link]
Enlarged sketch: [forthcoming]

This doll is something of an in-joke from a D&D campaign run by a friend of mine. Early on in the campaign, the party had an encounter with a dragon in human form, who asked if we had seen any "tastybeasts." he showed us an image of one, with no indication of scale. The characters didn't recognize it, but the players did: it was a tarrasque, one of the most deadly creatures in the Monster Manual, and far beyond our ability to face unless the campaign ran for a VERY long time.

This is the biggest doll I've made to date, and the one that took the longest. I built it to the standard D&D scale of 1 inch = 5 feet, so that the DM could use it as a miniature if he ever did run a tarrasque encounter. Because of its size and odd body shape, it has a far more extensive armature than any previous dolls I had made. In stead of sewing the body (or part of it, then filling it with polyfill and pipe cleaners, I built the skeleton of wire, loosly sculpted polyfill around that with masking tape, then cut felt to fit around that.

I made sure to make the mouth big enough to hold a LEGO minifigure, for a number of reasons: it's the right scale; the tarrasque has a "swallow whole" attack; and we used minifigures for the PCs instead of standard miniatures. (For the curious, I've posted an article at about how and why I use LEGO models for RPG miniatures: [link] )
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Well, that plush can be used in a pinch.