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Posthumans: Xeno-Overlap Regions

When terran and Alien cultures overlap in a region the result can go one of three ways; the two species become isolationist and chauvinistic, one species adopts the ways of the other or the two cultures merge together into a bizarre new culture alien to both parent cultures.

Left to right:

A fascistic space empire formed from the threat of the cycyanspo. The group is militantly anti alien but otherwise tolerant of the many terran species. Essentially they are the humans in starship troopers. Their xenophobia is likely the result of a contact scenario gone wrong, the cycyanspo have a nasty habit of "reverse engineering" aliens they come on contact with.

the name "ssoh'uumas" comes from the ssoh'taun word for person "ssoh" and their mispronunciation of humans as "uuma". Ssoh'Uuma look like any ordinary aquatic human but they are genetically engineered to live in the Oumoiha ecosystem as a means of blending into ssoh'taun culture. Ssoh tend to find humans obnoxious given that we are a younger, dumber species that are incredibly advanced compared to them.

Xyrrans are a robot species that adopted a rhuyll religion known as "Jdeyyda", it is a form of ancestor worship that the robots mistakenly thought involved physically carrying your ancestors around in a databank. Xyrrans will always consult their ancestors before making major decisions.

Xenoboos are humans modified to conform to rhuyll culture. Rhuyll use their tongue to manipulate tools and see using limbs to grasp objects as unsanitary so xeebs gene engineer themselves for long prehensile tongues. Xenoboos also gene engineer themselves to conform the the sexual dimorphism of the rhuyll including a queen, drone females, reproductive males and baby like neotens. The last one would go on to be a clade all its own.

Larvae are humans that are engineered to remain in a baby like larval state their whole life much like the neotenous rhuyll. Larvae pursue a hedonistic existence and have come to rule their own region of space inhabited by xeenoboos and rhuyll. the rhuyll queens are not happy about being usurped by infantile caterpillar people so there is a noticeable rhuyll nationalist terrorist presence.

Threnquarri Space Traders:
A group of cygnans that adapted to zero G for long space trips selling alien goods to terrans and vice versa. over time they developed a strange cosmopolitan hybrid culture as alien to terrans as they are to aliens. The spacers range dramatically in size depending on sex almost like angler fish with average sized males and colossal females. The space traders have biolumencent tatoos across their body that tells their life story in a complex alien creole language that few other than the space traders understand.

The glorb are a literal fusion of two species. The glorb are cyborgs that are half cycyanspo half nanobot slime. the cycyanspo in their hatred of technology declared war randomly on an otherwise peaceful robot inhabited system, a century later the two are one species after a confusing escalation of bioweapons and grey goo attacks.
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An entire region of space ruled by a clade of hyper-intelligent, hedonistic babies? Now that must be the most popular tourist attraction of the known galaxy...

MagicWingedGriffon's avatar

Really interesting stuff . I am cuorious what the Riddynei means by "reverse enginering" alien species .

Tharsis13's avatar

The cycyanspo vivisected the human diplomats during first contact, the riddynei in turn feel justified in experimenting on cycyanspo technology which just so happens to be sentient.