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PMD-E NPC suggestions:

Reinel the Wingull:
Reinel is a quiet Wingull. He isn't very boisterous and will usually keep to himself. However if the conversation turns to something he enjoys he can talk for hours. he doesn't come from Tao, but comes from a neighboring land. He has come to Tao in order to continue working on his world map. He also makes maps for whoever wants one. He has recently employed the help of a Wailmer in order to learn more about Tao.

Other info:
When he is not working he spends his time gliding and enjoying the wind.
The first map he saw was a pirate treasure map.

Balinger the Wailmer:
Balinger is a jolly and easygoing Wailmer. He usually isn't very serious and is quick to crack a joke. He is always willing to help, and, has worked in and around Alomola bay for almost his entire life. He usually helps pokemon cross the bay, but he also does other tasks (transports good, delivers messages, etc.) Recently he has met a Wingull named Reinel, and has become quick friends with it.

What he's up to now:
Balinger has been showing Reinel around the coast of Tao.

Other info:
He doesn't like pirates
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