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XXth Joint Fighter Squadron: The Unknown Witches by ThanyTony XXth Joint Fighter Squadron: The Unknown Witches by ThanyTony
Doctor Ichiro Miyafuji managed to survive the explosion that to the world, killed him, not only he survived but he was "Granted a vision" for a brief moment by the Neuroi, a vision of the future, a future that took place after the final assault on Karlsland.
A massive invasions of hives appeared in the pacific oceans and threatened to destroy Liberion and Fuso, so in a desperate attempt to stop it, Humanity created a "Special Bomb" using a Neuroi Core they had discovered in the past, the weapon was launched in August 9 1945 and the explosion of this weapon wiped out all the Neuroi Hives in the Pacific Oceans...but there was a problem...its effect began spreading more than it was intended and slowly and painfully, it began consuming everything on its path....until the planet was covered in its ball of fire...and was destroyed....and then Ichiro woke up from this vision.

He was decided to stop this event from happening, granted with new knowledge bestowed upon him by his accident and vision, he set up on a quest to work from the shadows to prevent this future from happening and save the world, for that he would need the help of special allies that he would not be able to find in the nations fighting the war, he needed someone stronger to help him, so he went to the ancient Great Mongolian Empire and was granted an audience with the Khan who agreed to help him on his mission by providing him with a base and everything he needed to work.

After this Ichiro set out to creat his own small group of Witches to assist him in this quest, he would need a group of Witches that the world mostly ignores and the world doesn't mind too much, witches that were not part of the war but had great power and needed a chance to prove themselves to the world, so he set to the quiet but strong nation of nomads, the land of Afghanistan to find the witch that would be the leader of his new group, an exiled Princess from the Ostoman Empire.

The plan is simple, Ichiro has created a time machine thanks to the knowledge he obtained and knows the location of several Neuroi cores across the world that currently are in possesion of various military forces fighting in the war, including the one that will cause the end of the world.
He must sent this group of Witches across time to find these Neuroi cores when they are inactive and destroy them, an incredibly dangerous task that requires precision, strenght and an special group of Witches.

They are "The Unknown Witches" the witches that work in the shadows to save the world:


Princess Agnes:

Narantuyaa Yanjmaa:

Anastasia Barrios:


Makeda Haile:

Guadalupe Cuauhtlatoatzin:

Eva Maria Hellmann:



Strike Witches is property of Humikane
EndlessGr8 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The mystery of this logo makes it feel like it almost could've been a real life military unit. They liked to play tricks like that and give themselves clever names that create confusion in the enemies, haha
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed :D
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