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World Cup Official Match Balls (Strike Witches) by ThanyTony World Cup Official Match Balls (Strike Witches) by ThanyTony

This is an exposition of the Match balls used in the World Cup, before 1970, the balls were all the same and people didn't feel it was appropriate for such an important and event like the world cup.
So the FIFA contracted the Karlsland Sport Company "Dasbrus" to design the balls for the next event that was going to take place in their homeland.
And thus from the world cup in Karlsland 70, Dasbrus has been in charge of designing the balls for each ball used for the matches in the World Cup.

Dasbrus designers meet with represantives with each nation educated on the cultural and trending topics of their respective countries and together they decide what will be the design of the balls and then mass produce it for the World Cup.

Here we see a list of all the balls that were used starting from Karlsland 70.


The Vorwärts: A simple ball with a red figure representing an "Engine", Vorwärts means "Go Forward" in Karlsland, it is a tribute to Karlsland's struggle during and after the war with the Neuroi and how their spirit was always strong and despite the massive destruction the neuroi caused, Karlsland didn't give up and lose its iron will, and today it is one of the best and most advanced nations in the world thanks to the effort and courage of its people, The Vorwärts honors the spirit of Karlsland.

The Lone Ranger: Often criticized for being the most uninspired design for a match ball in perspective, The Liberion Lone Ranger is a White ball with a single blue star and red stripes.
There are many rumors behind the creation of this ball, but the most accepted one is that it is inspired by the Liberion popular franchise "The Lone Ranger" which was very popular at the time.
People who defend this ball say it is meant to represent the fearless and wild spirit of the Liberion people, others take a more cynical approach saying that its simplistic design is actually a representation of Liberion´s "Lazy and Uncreative" Attitude, making it an ironic accurate representation of the people in the country.

There is a myth that if you hit the ball precisely in the center of the blue star, you'll always score a goal no matter how hard or impossible the odds are.

The Dr. What: This Britannia gem is a rarity among match balls was originally going to be called "Odd John" but it was scrapped. No one is entirely certain what was the reason behind the creation of this design, the complete opposite of the Lone Ranger, being "TOO Creative" as Wilma Bishop a veteran witch from the Second Neuroi War.
The majority of people agree that this ball is meant to represent the big cultural diversity present in Britannia thanks to the integration of people from its former colonies all across the world.
Such a cultural clash has caused an interesting mixed culture that is unique of Britannia that cause many foreigners that try to understand it to go "What?" and that is what this ball is meant to represent. Britannia inspired a lot of trends all through the 80s, most notably in music and sports.


Strike Witches is property of Humikane.

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