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Witche's Weapon: Yoshika's Karate by ThanyTony Witche's Weapon: Yoshika's Karate by ThanyTony
I've always been a firm believer that Strike Witches should be MUCH MORE than just girls in mechanical artifacts, the potential for greatness is there, the witches are not helpless without their strikers, they have super strenght and enchanced abilities, plus they can use their powers as well (Which is why I love episode 9 of the second season so much, it was a non striker witches adventure).

I know many fans just prefer the "Military Stuff" but I believe if we just focus on that, the whole SW's universe is gonna go to waste and get boring VERY quickly.

That's why I decided to do these "If the Witches had weapons or some sort of melee skills, what they would have?" pictures, this one is for Yoshika.

I know Fuso witches have Katanas but...I mean there are tons of them and you can't give Katanas to all of them, it's gonna get repetitive, so I tried to add some variation here, plus Yoshika is not the type to go out slashing people with katanas, Yoshika is more about power and defense, so she would be perfect as a martial arts user, she's strong enough as a Witch to kick and punch hard and she can boost her fighting with some magic (Which is why she has those flames coming out of her hands).

So yeah, basically Yoshika doing martial arts, what do you think?


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July 20, 2015
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