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WW Maps: Aksum by ThanyTony WW Maps: Aksum by ThanyTony
Oh my God remaking this one was so much fun! (Original:… )

This new Encyclopedia aproach is really hard, but very fun as it helps me expand my historic knowledge even more and allows me to play with history and fusing it with the World Witches series, so here you go, the cradle of humanity here: the Kingdom of Aksum, a wonderful window into a world where the "Whaf if Africa..." can go wild n_n

aanganteng1234 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
hello my name is farhan,i love the way you cover history in strike witches version, and i hoping you making on history of fuso someday.
there a lot of history that not cover on fuso the only we seeing on source material is only about oda nobunaga survive in honno-ji incident
that was rescued by his page mori ranmaru ( in SW universe ranmaru was a girl and a witch according to SW doujin by nogami takeshi), some japanese painting as seen in the movie intro, and about war between britannia, and there lot of question in fuso how fuso became empire?
the imperial fuso we seeing in anime was resemble as the real world imperial japanese, how the imperial was reform if the oda clan unite fuso
and conquered some island? is the oda clan fell weaken just like the tokugawa in real life history, and my theory the sino-fuso war and orussia-fuso war might be battle against neuroi, and thats all i got and then keep up the good work ok Wink/Razz 
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your words n_n

Yeah Fuso is definetely gonna be interesting with SO MUCH stuff that Japan's history has...It's gonna be a very heavy and plus adding the conquered those islands.
I am currently a little busy but I will definetely get there at some point.

Thank you so much again! n_n
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