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WW: History of Orussia (Pt 14) by ThanyTony WW: History of Orussia (Pt 14) by ThanyTony
And finally! Here it is.
Another tale about the history of one of the countries in World Witches, The Orussian Empire, the land of forrest and snow and homecountry of one beloved Aleksandra Vladimirnova Litvyak.

The history of how the East Slavic people guided by a group of Norsemen create a state that through many struggles and wars would end up becoming one of the larguest and most powerful countries in the world and the home to many great witches in the franchise.
Like the United States of Liberion one, this one is focused on the history of Orussia focused on the Orussian witches and it begins with the arrival of Rurik to Novgorok and it will end in the recruitment of Sanya to the 501 Fighter's way longer than the Liberion one so we might as well start now!

I hope you like it and feedback IS apreciated.

- - - -

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Nicely done, only two errors I found, it is "The winter of 1708 and 1079" and "Peter marched his forced"
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh fuck me, how embarassing XDDD
Thanks, I'll be more careful next time.
You are welcome. Just glad to help and if you want, I can proofread for you.
aanganteng1234 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018
so were entering the age of modern orussia ,wow time flew so fast, so are you had plan for next country for strike witches history and are you gonna adding brave witches event timeline ?
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Edited Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most of the events from now on that happened in real life won't happen because they're tied to either the extreme authocratic repression or the backward rejection of European Enlightment, both of which are clearly not happening on the ww universe, so things like the Pugachev Revolts and other peasant revolts, the wars Catherine II fought, the assasination of Alexander II won't happen so it shortens things a little bit, the most significant events to come are the Napoleonic wars and the Crimean war (Both mentioned in the Sw official timeline, so they have to be adressed), from then on it's up to WW I which will be radically different for Orussia as the Bolsheviks don't exist here.

witches really doesn't change much things from the SW timeline, it mostly comfirms that Abrahamic Religions indeed don't exist, it calls the capital Petersburg and not St' Petersburg or Petrograv which is a nice touch as it keeps in theme with the absence of abrhamic religions AND it shows that there is no antagonism between Orussia and Karlsland so no need to change the name of the city for a more Russian.
There is a theme through the Orussian history inspired by Brave Witches thought, especifically Episode 6, where it is stated that there are supersticious people in Orussia that fear 
witches by Aleksandra, so this is why very early in the story I mentioned Slavs that hated witches and in fact where responsable for the murder of Moskova, and others that do accept them and accepted Rurik and the other Varanguians  to create the Rus State, what I saw in that episode (which I am not gonna lie, I hate it, because I don't think it makes sense...why? In a world full of creatures that can destroy humanity and are only stopped by witches...why would people in Orussia be afraid of them? It makes sense for goverment officials like Maloney because they are influenced by a struggle for power and authonomy, but the people? why the people would fear the witches?...I don't like that episode honestly) inspired me to create the character of Moskova, so yeah, there are elements in the story that are inspired by Brave witches, plus the creation of the Kremlin where the base of the 502 is located will be mentioned in the next parts as where in the century where according to the series, it was created.

After I am done 
with Orussia, I don't know, I am planning to make a small series focused on a single historical event, I am leaning toward the journeys of Georgia of Lydda and her legion across the world...but I don't know yet, whatever I do, it won't take long...after that though, maybe I'll make a Fuso or Suomus one, it'd be interesting.

about georgia of lydia might be interesting, we might see how the roman empire look like in strike witches universe, and i will looking forward to see another map history again like fuso or suomus, about fuso map i think you can change the part of the map or since the map its kinda blurry, and you could make the continent island still remain the same like in real life counterpart and just make it similiar to real life well anyway thats my advice for your future project and i will looking forward for the next PART and GANBATTE!, good luck !!
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