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Ursula and Katharine Eras (Medieval) by ThanyTony Ursula and Katharine Eras (Medieval) by ThanyTony
So this is an idea I had, draw these two adorable witches across the various eras of humanity with the clothings the cultures they belong to had at the time, it seems like a fun experiment to do.

Here we see them on Medieval Times attires, Ursula's costume is a mixture of two costumes actually, a normal medieval dress, very common across Europe at those times and some elements from a medieval scholar costumes, of course the SW's universe is far more open to women in these possition than our world was, as such it makes sense they would allow women to participate in the art of gathering and spreading knowledge, and Ursula being a very sciency person, she wouldn't miss this oportunity.

Next with Kath, she is wearing a traditional women outfit from the Pueblo People, a group of various native americans that spread across most of the southern parts of the US, very famous for their adobe structures, they really defy the idea of Native Americans just living in tents or in the wild, and since they also inhabited in Texas, the place Kath is from, it makes sense she would wear this during those times, I could have made her into a pelgrim outfit but that would be too obvious and besides, it would go against the idea of the native americans having A LOT MORE presence in the US history in the SW universe.



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November 10, 2015
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