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The Magical Duo by ThanyTony The Magical Duo by ThanyTony
Knightress Gal (Dawn Shinoa), A 13 years old girl with the power of an ancient warrior woman inside her body, the spirit grants Dawn of all her skills and gifts so she can carry out her mission of bringing justice and fight for good in the world, the spirit grants the otherwise sick and weak girl almost superhuman strenght, durability and agility, top class combat skills and her ancient armor and weapon.
As long as Dawn believes in her ideals of justice, she can wield this power.

Serina the Unlimited (Serina Wisdom) A 17 years old girl who seemingly gained magical abilities after being forced to drink a half of a chemical mix she had been working on that was supposed to release the Human's "True Potential". Being a girl of science howerver, she decided to research these new abilities and discover their true nature as in her own words "Magic Doesn't Exist" she has the power to alter things around her, and she has gone from being able to push and pull things with her mind to create elements out of thin air, teleporting and even opening portals to other worlds.
Serina must understand the true nature and limits of her powers, but she and her friends Claribell Eckard and Tatiana Shawn must also keep the lowest profile they can to avoid being discovered by people who would do ANYTHING to get their hands on a formula that can turn human beings into literal Gods.


Again trying the soft lines with the pen preasure, I really dig this style n_n
Enjoy :D


Original Characters and Concept by me.
firem78910 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
oooo this really looks nice
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May 2, 2014
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