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The Heroes of a Cruel World by ThanyTony The Heroes of a Cruel World by ThanyTony
Being so in the mood for Superhero stuff I decided to create my own team of super heroes.
I've been working on them all week but I think I am ready with them.

Starting from left to right.

=The Super Spy= -Milana

* Quite possibly one of the best spies that has ever existed in the world, famous for her "Lightning Handguns" she was specially selected to be trained and become the perfect spy.
After several infiltrations and assasinations, she grew tired of being a tool to enforce global manipulation and simply quit the spy life, not without murdering everyone of in her agency first. Now the most wanted secret criminal in the world, she travels from place to place seeking to end all manipulation from higher powerful entities and ensure the freedom of the people.

=The Superbeing= -Stella Black

* Predicting the end of humanity, The Ancient Gods gave The King of Nadine a secret weapon in the form of a little girl to protect it from this destruction. The King however tried to use the girl to marry his son so they could create a race of super humans, The prince however taking pity on the girl, ordered the priests to take the girl and hid her where his father couldn't find her. She was left in a temple and in there she remained until a couple of archeologist found her 2000 years later, they gave her the name of Stella and took care of her until they died of an old age, leaving her enough to fend for herself in this world.
Having the power to absorb and redirect energy, Stella now wanders and helps people in any way she can, until the time to fullfill her destiny and prevent the end of humanity comes.

=The Magician= - Serina the Unlimited

* Serina Wisdom was a highschool girl expert in chemestry working for four years in a chemical that could unleash Humanity's true potential, narrowing it down to two substances, but a group of bullies interrupted her in school and forced her to drink one of the two potions she had made. After hours of agonizing pain and being at the verge of death, she awakened to discover she had gained strange abilities she could only describe as "Magic".
Now she is on a quest to discover the true nature of her powers and finding the truth behind "Magic" and helping people while she's at it.

=The Mythical Warrior= - Knightress Gal

* Dawn Shinoa is the most pathetic girl you can imagine, but she had a strong belief in justice and heroism, to the point that despite her poor condition and balance skills, she decided to help her classmates when they got trapped under crushing ruins caused by a group of terrorist, suffering from a heart failure in the process, she didn't give up and kept pushing, this was enough to motivate the spirit of an ancient warrior woman to help the poor girl, granting her all her might, all of her strenght and skills to save her classmates. And thus the Knightress Gal (Or so she called herself) was born.
Now she honors the warrior's kindness by using her strenght to help others and fight for Justice.

=The Vigilante= - Survivor

* Elizabeth was a kind and sweet girl who only wanted to help those less fortunate than her, unfortunately while giving classes to the kids on a poor village, a group of militaristic cultists murdered everyone in the village and kidnaped the children, because of her resistance, she was beaten for two hours, whiped and slashed in the face with a Machete and left for dead. She however survived and after months of an agonizing fight to survive in the forest, she was reborn as a different woman, one that would not hessitate to punish those who did wrong to the inocent, one that would haunt them for the rest of their life remindind them of the terrible mistake they made of not killing her.
She became The Survivor.


Anyway, Enjoy n_n
-Drawings and concept made by me-
CuteShyGirl15 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
I love how you put in there hidden Fire Emblem relations.. ;3
It's an amazing drawing~! :iconsocute-plz:
firem78910 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
well now that you mention it i see tiki Cynthia and lissa i'm lost in the last two 
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