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The Gods of the Metaverse: Yukari [ZUN.0196] by ThanyTony The Gods of the Metaverse: Yukari [ZUN.0196] by ThanyTony
=Guardian Entity File=

Identity: Yukari Yakumo
Universe: ZUN.0196
Age: Approximately 100 Universes
Entity Type: Omnipotent Being
Default Form: A mature woman with blonde hair usually dressed up in elegant purple dresses always carrying a parasol.
Affinity: Ally

Powers: Manipulation of Borders

Behavior: Unlike most guardian entities, Yukari wishes to interact with the beings in her universe on a more personal basis; as such she puts a limit on herself to greatly reduce her powers so she won't be overly powerful around those next her.
She lives on the border of Gensokyo with her Shikigami, Ran alongside Ran's Shikigami, Chen.
She is a very unpredictable being who enjoys causing mayhem and distortion on Gensokyo for fun, to do this she'll randomly appear all over Gensokyo using her border manipulation powers that work as a portal to scare people or simply steal things from them for fun.
She's also known for pulling people from the "Real World" (This universe's real world at least) and drop them in Gensokyo at random.
She is somewhat lazy and most of the time sleeps or goofs around leaving most of her duties to Ran to perform.
Despite all of this, Yukari cares deeply for the people of Gensokyo and the Shrine Maidens that protect it; she is especially fond of Reimu Hakurei, the current Shrine Maiden.
Yukari also detests intolerance and wishes for Humans and Yokai to live happily as an equal society and is currently working for making this happen through various methods such as exposing certain beings of her universe to other universes like KAGA.0190.
Yukari is a very smart being and people who know her are aware that if she does something, no matter how ridiculous or nonsensical it might seem, she has a good reason or a plan for doing it.
She's not particularly aggressive, but if pushed too far, she'll be extremely aggressive.

Summon Rituals: Since Yukari interacts with her creations most of the time, there is no method to summon her, she randomly appears both on Gensokyo and the real world to cause mayhem as she wishes, she is a very unpredictable being, but not really a malicious one.

Known History: Yukari's past it's a complete mystery even to herself, all she knows is that Yukari Yakumo is not her real name, it is only a name she chose after she forgot her real name, all she remembers from her past is a sad world where children didn't smile, flowers didn't bloom and all food was synthetic, as well as "Someone" who she can't exactly remember, all she knows is that it was someone she really loved a lot.
At some point in her history, Yukari came across what it is known by people in Gensokyo as "The Real World" where Yokais where at the verge of extinction and she met a girl who would eventually found the Hakurei Clan and become its first Shrine Maiden.
They eventually created the Hakurei Border and the land of Gensokyo to save Yokais, however in the process some humans were trapped in the border creating the opposite scenario, where humans where the minority and Yokais where the majority.
Despite this Yukari worked to establish control over things in Gensokyo and preventing humans and yokai to go to war killing each other to extinction, she eventually created a state of truce between humans and yokais and is currently working on the next step of her plan...unite them as one society.

Yukari: The Yokai of Boundaries

Yukari Yakumo is property of ZUN
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Nice draw~! ;)
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ThanyTony Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes it is.

The Twilight Foundation's Archieves on Guardian Entities of the Known Universes in the Metaverse.
SlightlyIrrelevant Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
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