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Strike Witches: Welcome to Liberion by ThanyTony Strike Witches: Welcome to Liberion by ThanyTony

I love Strike Witches and I always saw the full world map and wondered what the hell the name of the countries where in America, so after a lot of effort I managed to translate the names and I was absolutely impressed.

I noticed that most of these countries still had their traditional names from their pre-Colombian times, and this made me wonder...seeing the Strike Witches Timeline I always get the impression that Christians doesn't exist in this world (Which would explain why there are so many witches around, the church would have burned all of them by now)...with that in mind, I wonder...

When the group of not inquisition crazy catholic hispanian came to Liberion...maybe they just conquered these lands but did not destroy their culture and replaced it with Christianity...that would explain why the countries still have their traditional names, after their independence they still held their culture fantastic.

That opens the chance for SO MANY stories and possibilities it is unbelievable...and I've been fascinated with that idea lately, I just couldn't get it out of my head and decided to do these little flags representing those countries.
I studied the flags and their meaning, coming up with descent and respectable alternate versions so they are not just "Swapped and Mixed Colored Flags" in order to honor my people the best way I can and give them a nice representation in this magnificent universe.

Now I am not a blind fan, I know probably Humikane just did a 10 minutes Google search and just slapped the names to fill space, but even then...there is still a chance and a wonderful opportunity to be exploited here and I want to try it, I love Strike Witches so much that I feel tempted to do this.

Anyway, Enjoy these flags and Welcome to the wonderful continent of Liberion/America.


Strike Witches is Property of Humikane.

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theengineerman Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
I don't really like anime, but this idea is quite and interesting one.
Amora117 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Student Artist
I've read the official manga that was drawn by Takeshi Nogami, it' appears official that Christian did exists, it was stated by General Patton where he mention "God" in Witches of the Sphinx Vol 5 in page 12 and "Christ" somewhere in these Volumes.

I'd bet the European Settlers have annexed the Indian States peacefully or not, because Patton mentions "the Little Green Horn" which is also in Volume 5 and there could be a hint that they were also involved in an armed conflict against the Indian Tribe, remember that Liberion has no Neuroi's.
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much!
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