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SW: Rogelia Diaz La Cid by ThanyTony SW: Rogelia Diaz La Cid by ThanyTony
Rogelia Diaz (1079 AC - 1099 AC) was a Hispanic Witch at the service of the Kingdom of Castille, she was beloved by Hispanics and Moors alike across the land, she was called "La Cid" which came from the arabic word "Sydh" whicn means "Lady", she was in a relationship with a noble girl called "Jimena of Asturias" and the two eventually married.
Unfortunately she was sent to exile by King Alfonso VI out of jealousy he felt toward the apreciation Rogelia had from people, during her exile she went to work with Moors and defended them agains vicious Hispanic Lords who wanted to take their resources from them and fought against The Berbers from Africa led by Yusuf, a crazy sultan from the desert who somehow managed to "Talk and Control" Neuroi and use them as soldiers.

Eventually Rogelia managed to conquer the city of Valencia where she lived peacefully alongside her wife Jimena until in 1099 Yusuf came back and tried to conquer Hispania again, Rogelia and her armies battled Yusuf who out of desperation took a Neuroi Heart (Core) and sticked it in his heart, this process mutated him into a giant monster that managed to fatally would Rogelia.
However Rogelia used her "Sacrificial Inspiration" magic to infuse her troops and allies with great strenght and morale to help them defeat The Berbers.
Eventually these were defeated but Rogelia perished during the battle, after this the whole region of Hispania was united under one crown and Rogelia was put in an altar where she is honored to this day, her wife Jimena ruled Valencia for the rest of her life and made sure peace was kept between Hispanics and Moors.

Rogelia's story is one of the most iconic and epic to be told in modern times, presented in a taled called "El Cantar de Mia Cid" or "The Poem of the Cid" a tale of knighthood, bravery and inspiration for modern witches, Rogelia took its place as one of the most iconic witches and knights in history.


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