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SW: Miruna of Wallachia by ThanyTony SW: Miruna of Wallachia by ThanyTony

Miruna (1447 AC - 14?? AC) was the first of many Dacian girls from Wallachia that were chosen by Vlad Tepes on his plan to defend the country from advance from the Ostoman Empire into Europa using witches formed by contracting with some particular familiars that he made a pact with during a journey to Babylon in the Sassanid Empire.

Miruna made a contract with a bat familiar alongside Vlad himself and she became one of the first “Vampire Witches” witches of incredibly power, strength and skills but with an almost uncontrollable ferocity and hunger for blood, they fought against armies of the Ostoman Empire and defeated them preventing their advance into Europa.

Miruna was always one of the closest soldiers of Vlad and was always next to him, they were even rumored to be lovers (A rumor that was sounded not just with her but with all his closest vampire witches), she got to lead the other vampire witches of Vlad, this was essential as when Vlad died, she and her comrades left the country refusing to serve another master that wasn’t him naming themselves “The Order of Dracul” to honor the memory of their master.

Miruna ordered the girls to spread across the world and keep the order growing within the shadows of the world waiting for the day where they believe their master would return to lead them once again and defend Dacia, no one knows what happened to Miruna after she left the country, many reported she and some of her comrades went to new world, but no one is certain of this.

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