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SW: Mila von Malberg by ThanyTony SW: Mila von Malberg by ThanyTony
Mila von Malberg (1225 AC - 1305 AC) was a Karlsland witch, daughter of Gehard von Malberg, Grand Master of the Knights of Germania, a witch with healing powers who served the knigts of the order as their nurse.
She was captured during a battle against the Mongol Empire and lived with the Mongols for one year, she went from their prisioner to a guest and was taught how to reach a deeper conection with her familiar gaining more power and learning from the Mongols.
She was released one year later and went back with th Germania Knights where she took the title of Grand Master from her Father after he became unable to fight.
She led the Germania Knights against the Mongols in the Battle of Legnica until it was interrupted by a Neuroi attack, forcing both armies to cooperate and take down the threat.

Mila convienced the Germania Knights to Join with the Mongol Empire and together they marched to defeat the Neuroi in the Battle of Mohi where they wer both succesful in defeating the Neuroi.

Mila managed to make a deal with Mongols so they wouldn't invade the Holy Karlsland Empire, and made peace with them.

During her period as Grand Master she took the order and stablished it on th north of Poland becoming the State of the Knights of Germania, a state that would eventually become the Kingdom of Prussia and this one would eventually unite all the Germanic territories into The Karlsland Empire.

Mila is one of the most iconic witches in Karlsland often considered a Holy Mother of the nation and a great inspiration for Karlsland witches for her great diplomatic skills as well as being one of the most powerful witches in Karlsland history.


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Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
Cool, and she fought in the battle of Liegnitz **

So the Neuroi came also in middleage already, or is it more fanfic?
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They have been around for a while according to the timeline, the thing is that they try to imply that The Neuroi always took different forms across history, in the begining of the movie you can see historic pieces of art  with humans and witches fighting monster like Hydras, Dragons, Giant Spider things and will notice they are all black and have red eyes, implying of course that these classic monsters of legend in the SW universe ARE the Neuroi, they also had different names, in the time of Mila they were called "Rätsel" which of course is German for mistery but with an enigmatic connotation, kinda like riddles I think, I call them Neuroi here for simplicity sake thought.

So yeah, Neuroi have been around pretty much as long as mandkind, that's canon :D
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Ahhhh didn´t know that yet, that´s so cool, I must admit I only
watched the first few episodes and not the whole anime,
but now I get more interested, I´ll do it soon maybe^^

Especially because they created such a beautiful version of
Die Wacht am Rhein, an old german song^^
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it gets really good as it goes on, give it a try one of this days n_n
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