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SW: Maria Magdalena by ThanyTony SW: Maria Magdalena by ThanyTony

Maria Magdalena (14 AC - ?? AC) was a Palestinian witch who is the only survivor of the destruction of the province of Judea by the Neuroi in the year 29 AC) she was a prostitute and had witch powers which she had to hide because in her society she would have been executed should they discover them, unfortunately for her she was discovered and was about to be stoned for practicing witchcraft and being a prostitute.

However a wise man saved her and brought her with him as one of his disciples, she was very loyal to this man and believed in his teachings.

She was warned by this man about the inevitable destruction of the province of Judea and its people and urged her to escape as she had a plan to fulfill; reluctantly she complied and escaped from the city as it was being destroyed by the Neuroi.
She was found later by a Roman legion that had come to investigate the event and she was taken with Lucina Vorena Pullo who took her the temple in Abruzzi to give her a new life as a witch to serve the Roman Empire.

Maria spent most of her life helping Lucina and eventually taking over the duty of training and educating the witches to serve in the Empire.
She left in the year 64 in a purification journey to the province of Gallia and she was never seen again.

Legends tell that she is buried somewhere within Gallia and whoever finds her final resting place will find a great secret treasure, but what is this treasure is unknown.

Maria is an important witch in history, while she never engaged into a wars for the Roman Empire, she did a lot to help educate witches by teaching them about their powers and abilities as well as writing codes which all witches in the Empire followed for many years.

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