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SW: Map of Ostmark by ThanyTony SW: Map of Ostmark by ThanyTony
I thought it would be A LOT harder to do Ostmark, suprisingly, it was a lot easier than I expected, that map was already there for me to adapt so it was pretty nice.
It looks like a really cool country in the SW universe and I kind of headcanon that the most powerful witches in Europa come from here (As well from Dacia and Orussia), it was very fun to make.

Anyway, Enjoy!


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bucue4 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
As a bit of a side note Ostmark was well known for having several military bases of the Ostmarkian military, but also stationed in the nation were joint operations bases of several allied nations in the allied command, which meant that Ostmark Served as a massive military hub for allied co-ordination and cooperation.

Though as it turns out during the early months of the Second Neruoi War, many of Ostmarks allies were ordered to serve primarily in observer roles during Ostmark's invasion and were not permitted to engage in hostilities with Neruoi directly. And since Ostmark lay directly in the line of the Neruoi's advance on Europe, the nation fell quickly.

During the 1st of September the Neruoi suddenly attacked Ostmark. By the very end of that very same month: Ostmark fell completely to the Neruoi's control. One can only imagine what grim, frighting and bitter events were like for that single month of intense fighting and at the end of the month for what the eventual ending action that would eventually be called: "the longest evacuation war."

I makes me shudder just thinking about it...
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