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SW: Map of Gran Colombia by ThanyTony SW: Map of Gran Colombia by ThanyTony
Thank God they just had like three states because adapting all those states in such a different terrain would have been a pain in the ass probably just as hard as doing it for the United States of Liberion...That Map scares me.
Anyway, Gran Colombia, it appears in the SW they never separated and remained that big chunk of land until modern times, probably a few quirrels with Tawantinsuyo which would explain why they don't have Quito, which is pretty interesting I have to say, I took the liberty of adding a couple extra states that I imagine would have developed as time went on such as Panama and an state for the Amazon part of Colombia and Venezuela.

I really apreciate Venezuela, I've had very good friends from there, so I enjoyed working on this.



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bucue4 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh boy: North Liberion is really going to be interesting. Myself and another Strike Witches Writer have been working on some map translations of the official atlas and we discovered a few interesting things in regards to Liberion.

The currently known listed cities and locations of Liberion, starting on the east cost, include: Chicago, Detroit, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. Shirly's hometown of Myra and the Bonnivile Salt Flats are also listed on the map.

However, the west coast is where things take a bit of a divergence. The next couple of cities include Seattle, the city of Long Beach (basically Los Angeles in all but name only), Toumika (San Francisco) and Shindati/Shindaty (composing of either northern California or southern Oregon, or alternatively a transplanted Sacramento or Portland or perhaps even some combination thereof, though determining exactly which it is is difficult to definitively ascertain).

Judging from the fact that Toumika is a name of Japanese origin, it is likely that the region of the city was established by Fuso in some point in time, While it can't be said exactly when Fuso settled Toumika it's supposed that the fact Fuso didn't adopt any sort of isolationist policies as a nation and became a world trading power may have been a factor. As for the why it was likely to help establish and promote a strong trading relationship and general commerce with Liberion.

Going off of this it appears that their might be a considerable Fuso population on the West Coast of the continent and the blending of cultural aspects and trappings from both sides to some degree. Also it's probably likely thanks to the existence of witches, given the overall context of the witches world and how it was shaped in history: that Native Tribes in Liberion may be in much better shape than they were in our past and present since witches on both sides would have likely helped in bridging the divide between both parties and serve to help create the proper enviroment to cultivate mutually beneficial, peaceful relations. Which would in turn also be safe to assume that Native Liberion's by the 1940's may still strongly practice spiritualism of their respective theologies ranging from monotheisti, polytheistic, henotheistic, animistic, or some combination thereof of such theologies, as well as being a bit more prominent in the overall population. And that's also not counting the possibility of Liberion-African's and Liberion-Astekan's and their cultures in Liberion.

Liberion is it's own brand of interesting melting pot, much more so than our world America. Withes and Neuroi see to be responsible for a lot of very drastic changes throughout history and I can't help but be fascinated by it each and every time..

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