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SW: Lady Rolande by ThanyTony SW: Lady Rolande by ThanyTony
Rolande (758 AC - 778 AC) or most commonly known as “Lady Rolande” was a Franco-Roman witch at the service of Emperor “Charlemagne” The last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, she was a very talented and loyal witch who had fought in many campaigns and helped the emperor expand the domains of the empire conquering the land of Ireland and spreading more within Germanic lands.

Rolande was very loyal to not just the Emperor but to the ideal behind the Roman Empire, which was probably a bad time as this was the end years of the empire, its various provinces wanted to do be independent would cause the split of the Empire, Rolande was against the idea and fought most of her life to keep the empire united helping Emperor Charlemagne who managed to bring them all again together for a brief moment in history.

Unfortunately a army of Neuroi coming from Africa came upon the capital in Rome and there was only Rolande legion to defend it, Rolande decided to send her men to look for support and fend off the attack herself, she fought valiantly on her own in one of the most epic battles in recorded history where she managed to defeat the Neuroi, unfortunately she was fatally wounded and died in the battle, by the time her men came back with reinforcement it was too late and she was taken back to the capital where she was buried and a ceremony was held in her honor.

In the year 843 the Empire split and those who followed her ideal moved to the Germanic lands she and Charlemagne helped conquer and established there, eventually forming the Holy Empire of Karlsland.

Rolande is an important figure considered “The Last Witch of the Roman Empire” and also she is the first witch in history to be Knighted, making her The First Knight, the knighthood ideals of Rolande were an inspiration for many subsequent European witches through the Middle Ages.

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