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SW: Georgia of Lydda by ThanyTony SW: Georgia of Lydda by ThanyTony
Georgia of Lydda (285 AC to 387 AC) one of the most iconic witches in history, a witch that served the Roman Empire since she was a little girl officially joining her first Legion at the age of 11.
Her moment of glory came at the age of 14 in 299 AC where she during a recognition mission in the province of Cyranaica, heard tales of a mysterious monster identified as a dragon terrorizing a local town, kidnapping young maidens, among them the daughter of the towns chief.
Georgia was asked to help, knowing the nearest Legion would take a week to come, she decided to go against the monster on her own and went into the Sahara desert where she found an oasis and inside the oasis, a cave where the kidnaped daughter was....and alonside her a giant Dragonlike creature (Later identified by historians as a larga scale Neuroi).

Georgia battled the Neuroi Dragon with her spear but this was destroyed leaving her only with her sword to fend of the massive creaturte, Georgia fought valiantly and althought badly hurt and with her sword broken by the beast...she did not give up and pushing with all her strenght finally slayed the monster, becoming the first Witch in history to defeat a large scale neuroi on her own.

Georgia returned with the daughter and the survivng maidens to the town where she was hailed as a heroine, word quickly spread across the empire and was summoned by the Emperor who recognized her value and ascended her giving her command of her own Legion. Georgia continued serving the Empire and led her Legion through various battles in the East and battled against more Neuroi comming from Africa protecting the empire.

Georgia of Lydda is regarded as one of the best witches that has ever existed, her legend is famous across Europa and the broken sword has become her symbol, a symbol of perseverance and courage to carry on against all odds.


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