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SW: Elite Witch Forces (Liberion) by ThanyTony SW: Elite Witch Forces (Liberion) by ThanyTony
These are some organizations in the SW universe that are filled with Witches that perform especialized tasks and are considered among the best and most respected among their peers, in the land of Liberion there are four groups of Witches that have this reputation:

The Royal FarAway Land Mounted Witches: Known by the tender name of "The Mounties" these is a task force of witches created in 1868 as "The Dominion Police" they eventually branched from the Police force as their Witch powers allowed them to perform special tasks such as defense of the borders, bigger control of the Faraway Land territory as well as fighting Neuroi.
The Mounties are named like that because they are usually riding very fast horses across the territories they patrol, they are composed of witches of the various ethnic background that Faraway Land has to offer, kind and helpful to the public but deadly and severe to the people who break the law and to the Neuroi.


The Tzitzimitl Batallion: A Special society of Aztecan Witches who are selected as the most powerful and intimidating witches in the ranks of the army and are given a training to turn them into the Tzitzimilt, named after deities in Aztec mythology, skeletical women who protected the progenitresses of mankind, and skeletical is a fit descripticon, these witches dress in white clothes and wear skeleton masks with very frightning appareances that make up for an exceptionally fearful confrontation, it is said that they like to get soaked with the blood of their enemies, these witches are ruthless and savage in combat and will not stop the fight until their enemies have been defeated.


The Heroic 44: A privilged and special group of 44 mayan witches who have proved themselves worthy to be members of the Heroic 44, named after the 44 Cuzcatlan Witches who halted Agustin Iturbe Army's advance in the Sihuatehuacán Fort at the cost of their lives, their sacrifce inspired the rest of the Mayan City States to unite against Iturbe and eventually unite into the Mayan Federation of Liberion. 11 Witches from each ot the City States of Cuzcatlan, Chichen Itza, Nicarao and Costa Rica are selected every 5 years to join the ranks of the Heroic 44, the cities of Copan and Tikal do not send witches of their own due to their status as religious and cultural centers, they however provide the group with gifts and resources to be in the best of shapes and defend the Federation against foreing invasion and Neuroi.


The Triple Alliance Witches: After being granted their independance and lands to build their own nations by Prussia, the Republics of Guarani and Charrua joined in a confederation of nations with the Neur Karlsland republic and created the pact known as "The Triple Alliance" and together they bloomed into prosperty and progress until the war with the Amazonian Empire in 1911 when the Empire Attack on Charrua and Guarani forced Neue Karlsland in a war to defend its allies against the pretentious of the Empire which resulted in a 6 years wars where the nation of Amazonas was completely devastated by the more technologically advanced forces of Neue Karlsland, during this conflict a special group of witches from the three nations of the alliance was formed and named themselves "The Triple Alliance Witches" these witches were key in the defense of the constant attacks on Charrua and Guarani by the Amazonian Empire.
After the war the group was kept and it evolved into a society of witches who guard the borders of their nations and are peace keepers of the Rio de la Plata region.


Strike Witches is property of Humikane
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