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SW: Elite Witch Forces (Europa) by ThanyTony SW: Elite Witch Forces (Europa) by ThanyTony
hese are some organizations in the SW universe that are filled with Witches that perform especialized tasks and are considered among the best and most respected among their peers, in the land of Europa there are four groups of Witches that have this reputation:


The Orussian Cossacks: Cossacks are semimilitary autonomous slavic people who live in the borers of the Orussian Empire on the wildlands like free men, valiant and effective in combat, The Orussian Empire recognized their power and offered them a deal where they could have their own lands to do as they please in exchange of service and status for the Empire, the Cossacks accepted and they are now an integral part of the Orussian society.
Every Orussian witch is sent with the Cossacks so they can properly train the witch to be strong soldiers and serve the empire, these Orussian witches are trained to stand the cold Orussian winter naked and fight without fear and with strenght against their foes, after the training the Witch is transformed into a thought and strong Orussian Witch worthy of fighting for the Empire, over the years many of them have become attached to the life of Cossacks and have chose to stay with them, this has led the Empire to create the title of "Cossack Witches" these witches assists Cossacks in their duties of defending the Empire and are known to be some of the strongest Witches and feared witches in Europa, thanks to their efforts across the vast territory of the Orussian Empure, they have prevented the Neuroi invasion to spread.


The Order of Dracul: Their full description can be found here:


The Order of the Knights of Germania: Their full description can be found here:


The Gallian Foreing Legion: Established in 1831 after the Gallian Revolution to get around the no foreings in the Gallian Army, the Foreing Legion is a clever idea to recruit soldiers from other countries to fight for Gallia, at first it only allowed member from the Gallian colonies, but then opened to anyone who voluntarely wanted to join, this atracted the interest of various soldiers and witches who were marveled by the concept.
After several storming periods through Gallian's story after the Revolution, the legion still stands strong to this day and have enough witches in their ranks to make individual witches, witches from nations like Numidia, Faraway Land, China and other places who joined to have great adventures across the missions by the Gallian Forces, they are known to be strict and disciplined to enforce order and harmony on an army filled with people from various cultural backgrounds, if they are injured in battle they can apply for full citizenship of Gallia.


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