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SW: Elite Witch Forces (Asia) by ThanyTony SW: Elite Witch Forces (Asia) by ThanyTony
These are some organizations in the SW universe that are filled with Witches that perform especialized tasks and are considered among the best and most respected among their peers, in the land of Asia there are Six groups of Witches that have this reputation:


The Ostoman Legions: Their Description can be found here:


The Sepoy Guard:  Their description can be found here:


The Persian Immortal Guard: Their description can be found here:


The Gurkhas: Their description can be found here:


The Bactrian Riders: Afghanistan is a nation with nomad tribes that live without any real form of goverment and just trade among themselves, the only thing uniting them is their identity as "Afghans" they mostly live a tranquil existance rarely involving themselves in the conflicts of other nations, but sometimes Neuroi or foreing enemies arrive and the various tribes unite and fight valiantly to defend their homeland, among the tribes there is the tribes of Bactria who are particulary strong, being a land of great importance in Afghanistan as it is the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, their members are respecred among the tribes in Afghanistan, they also posses a very effective and imposing army to defend the country, the secret of their strenght is thanks to their witch cavalry forces, The Bactrian Riders.
The nomads in Afghanistan rely a lot on their witches to survive, and this also includes combat as well, the Bactrian Riders are a group of witches who fight in strong and fast Asian Horses of special breed, the tribe claims they all descend from Bucephalus, Alexander The Great's legendary horse, they strike with lances and fire arms in precise and coordinated formations learned from the time the Afghans were under the control of the Great Mongolian Empire.


The Yuan Exiles: China's culture is particulary harsh on women, especially witches, across history the Chinese have been known to reject the use of witches in their armies despite its more than proven effectiveness, this has led China to be severely handicaped compared to its more powerful neighbors, The Kingfom of Vietnam and The Mongolian Empire, who conquered them and established the Yuan Dynasty.
For the first time in history, Chinese Witches were given a possition of importance in their society and quickly became very supportive of the years the Mongols ruled China.
However when the Qing Dynasty took over things went back to be the same, not wanting to be sent back to a dark age, the witches of China and Korea united in a mass escapte from the country that is known as "The Great Exodus", The Qing Dynasty threatened to bring them back, however the Mongolian Empire responded with a threat of agression should any Chinese Witch be harmed by Qing Soldiers, not wanting to awaken the rage of the mighty Empire, the Qing let the 100,000 Witches flee the country.
Many left to Mongolia where they were welcomed as queens and where given a priviliged status and a home, other fled to Vietnam where they were threated with open arms and others fled across Asia to the Middle East nations like the Ostoman Empire, Afghanistan and The Sassanid Persian Empire.
Chinese Witches are particulary strong and have the trait that almost all of them posses offensive elemental magic, which has served well in the nations they migrated to, leaving China, the country that rejected them, they call themselves "The Yuan Exiles".


Strike Witches is property of Humikane
Urza3142 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
I am amazed that you can keep churning these out at such a high standard of quality!

These small historical mini-sections, as well as the regional, national, and worldwide maps you have created for the Strike Witches Universe, have completely changed the way I look at the Strike Witches. It's a shame such an immersive and comprehensive backstory is covered with a slice of life style and "overenthusiastic" fan service.

Much of the content I write draws heavily from the concepts in the maps you have drawn. I thank you for giving people like me a starting point to explore this Universe for all its hidden potential.
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I am glad my work here inspired you to do that! :D

Yeah, the anime has HUGE potential, I mean they have decreased the fanservice with each entry and they throw little tip bits here and there (Such as calling St. Petersburg just Petersburg without the "St.") but they could embrace a lot more, it would be so easy to do, they just have to adapt the concept of SW to every area in human history and the tales and concepts just write themselves after that, that's why I love this franchise so much, it allows me to explore a MASSIVE world n_n

Thanks again :D
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