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SW: Elite Witch Forces (Africa) by ThanyTony SW: Elite Witch Forces (Africa) by ThanyTony
These are some organizations in the SW universe that are filled with Witches that perform especialized tasks and are considered among the best and most respected among their peers, in the land of Africa there are four groups of Witches that have this reputation:


The Numidian Cavalry: The Numidian Cavalry was an ancient force of Berbers who employed light cavalry and were renowed for their fast mobility and harrasing tactics, they were used by Carthage Empire against the Romans in both punic wars.
The Romans eventually used them against Hannibal and were crucial in his defeat and this allowed Rome to settle its first territories in North Africa, since then the berbers in Numidia remained great allies of the Roman Empire and even when the Empire splitted in 395 A.C, they remeained allies of the Western Roman Empire and helped them repel Justinian's attemps to conquer it in 555 A.C, after which Numidian stayed an ally of the Western half until its dissolotion in 843 A.C.
Since then Numidia and other North African nations formed various republics adopting many of Rome's traditions, as well as information (This proved to be essential as they saved valuable knowledge the Romans gathered about Neuroi).

After Yusuf the Madman and his army of Neuroi were defeated by the Hispanian Forces led by the legendary witch, Rogelia Diaz "La Cid" the Berbers liberated from Yusuf's influence were able to form their own nations, among them emerged the Numidia Republic as part of a pact to fight the Neuroi from the Sahara desert.
Numidia began training witches of their own for these purpose and for that they decided to resurrect the Numidian Cavalry, this time as a special army of Witches riding Berber Horses across the Sahara, in modern times they managed to adquire a few Land Striker units of low quality but incredibly fast speed to integrate into the batallions, but they still use horses in combat, The Numidian Cavalry has been essential in fending off the incredibly powerful and dangerous Neuroi from Africa that try to crawl into Europa.


The Medjay: Egypt's group of especialized Witches, unlike all the other elite organizations of witches in the world, The Medjay don't focus only in combat but also exploration, gathering of information and protection of important lands for the Pharaon.
Originally a group of soldiers from Nubia used in Ancient Egypt for the same purposes, the Medjay were ressurected after Napoleon's invasion in Egypt caused an outbreak of Neuroi that were sealed underground and currently habit the southern part of the Nubian Region. The Pharaon ordered the order to be brought back and several of the strongest witches they could find across the Egyptian territories were gathered to kickstart the order.

Since then the Medjay have remained protectors of Egypt from the Neuroi Hives in the south as well as explorers, keepers and researchers of the secrets of the Egyptian Civilization, especially if they involve Neuroi.


The Mossi Cavalry: The Ouedrago Kingom is one of the most powerful and wealthiest of the African Kingdoms, they control one of the biggest and most dangerous sections of the Saharan Neuroi Hives in the world as well as the Gorgades Island Neuroi, and they acomplish this thanks to their secret weapon, The Mossi Cavalry.

Legend tells that King Ouedrago founded the Mossi Cavalry as a tribute to his mother, Princess Yennenga, the Mother of the Mossi people, to honor her, he demanded the army to be exclusively filled with women, among them many witches (Who eventually filled their entire ranks as they began fighting less human enemies and more Neuroi), unlike its north African counterpart, the Numidian Cavalry, the Mossi Cavalry is a heavily armored force, one of the most resistant and fiersome forces in Africa, thanks to their power, King Ouedraogo and his descendants were able to conquer the entire West African territory and make it not just one of the most powerful nations in Africa but also one of the biggest nations in the world.

The Mossi Cavalry Witches body was completely covered with lots of scale amor that covered them and their mounts, this made them very slow compared to other cavalry forces in the world, but what they lacked in speed they made up in pure strenght and resistance, always prefering to use lances, they devastated their enemies and gained a reputation of being "Unstoppable".
As time progressed they replaced the horses with Heavy Land Strikers as those are the only ones capable of whitstanding the massive power of the Ouedrago Witches, they still defend their lands from the incredibly powerful Neuroi forces in the African Hives and still keep their "Unstopable" reputation.


The Nzinga International Task Force: The Kingdom of Kongo contains what many consider the most dangerous Neuroi hives in the world, The Loango and the Ebola Hives, it is rumored that incredibly ferocious and heavily armored Neurois lay dormand in the Kongo Jungles that if they unleash their fury in the world, stopping them would be take up many cassualties and several nations would be destroyed, fortunately they awaken only once in a while, but when they do, The Nzinga Task Force is ready to deal with them.

The Kingdom of Congo and its brother state, The Kindgom of Nbunda gathered their most powerful witches and formed this organization of the best witches in the land, named after the legendary queen of Nbunda, Nzinga who fought valiantly all of her life to keep the Neuroi at bay and ultimately managed to free most of her country from their hives in a massive battle, one of the bloodiest battles in African history and one that ended up taking her life.

To honor this valiant queen, the Kongo created this task force of powerful witches to repel any of the Neuroi from the Loango and Ebola hives that awakens and threatens to unleash its fury on African lands, they don't use striker units as no striker unit can contain their massive power, they possess several weapons both guns and melee and devices that allow to easily travel across the jungles of Kongo and the hills and mountains of the Mbunda Kingdom, they are ranked alongside Mongolian Witches and Mayan Witches as the most powerful witches in the world in terms of pure raw magic.


Strike Witches is property of Humikane
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