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Rosalie de La Poype by ThanyTony Rosalie de La Poype by ThanyTony…

Rosalie is one of the witches from the Joint Fighter Wing 503, The Typhon Witches, they are stationed deep in Orussian territory and they are in charge of the Ural Mountain's region.

The thing about the Typhon Witches is that only four of them have been revealed with official artwork while the others remain unreleased, there is however an official group shot of them but is all shadowed and can be seen here:…

However applying some filters to the image, you'll be able to kind of see that the witches whose artwork has not been revealed...ACTUALLY have a desing and it's just a shadow cast over them, this means that Humikane does have the drawings but for some reason he won't release them, and it's been a while, makes you wonder if he'll ever release them.

Seeing as the image is pretty clear, I decided to try a little experiment and draw them as accurately as a I could, here is Rosalie la Poype, a Witch from Gallia, she has probably the clearest desing, her uniform is similar to Georgette's one and is apparently the youngest in the group, her desing amazes me because I just want to figure out what her familiar is, I think it's a rooster or something, I'd like to know.

Anyway, Enjoy!


Strike Witches is property of Humikane
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September 21, 2015
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