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Red Twilight: Agent Moemura and Captain Homura by ThanyTony Red Twilight: Agent Moemura and Captain Homura by ThanyTony
The Twilight Foundation...
A TransUniversal organization dedicated to two simple goals:

-) To research and discover all the mysteries in the universes and beyond
-) To use what it's discovered to be used in benefir of the people and help them grow, develop and evolve beyond the limits of imagination.

The Foundation posseses the knowledge and technology to travel through time and it has a special branch dedicated to the studies of Time and Space.
The Magvel Branch is the one in charge of supervising the Time Travel Program which is currently under the watch of Commander Sakuya Izayoi, a human from Universe [ZUN.0196] aided by Captain and Elite Agent, Homura Akemi, a Magical Girl from Universe [GEN.0211].

The sole survivor of the previous incarnation of Universe [GEN.0211], Homura Akemi spent many years trying to get herself killed to reunite with her friend Madoka.
Eventually Homura realized the lesson Madoka was trying to teach her about living her life and understanding the meaning of Madoka's sacrifice and accepted to carry on with her life and find a new porpouse, Homura came across the Twilight Foundation and after helping them in a few explorations on different universes, Homura decided this was what she wanted to do and joined the Foundation.
Madoka appeared to Homura and entrusted her a gift and the mission to watch over the different dimensions within Universe [GEN.0211] and protect other universes from the evils of her universe, she gave Homura "The Blessing of Madoka" granting her unlimited magic and "The Cetrum of Hope" which is representative of Homura's mission and the will of Madoka.

At some point during her time in the foundation, Homura was captured by an enemy organization and genetic material was extracted from her to make a clone with the expectation of creating a being just as powerful as her.
Unfortunately the result was a fragile and sick girl who was classified as "Useless" and literally thrown to the garbage to rot and die.
However this girl was rescued by The Justice Cabal from Universe [KAGA.0190] and brought to the Twilight Foundation, it is here where Homura recognized the girl as her clone and decided to train her to become an Agent for the foundation and at Sakuya's suggestion, she was named "Moemura".

Homura discovered Moemura being cloned while she was in magical form was a magical girl as well, but she was VERY different, Moemura lacked a Soul Gem and had no magic at all, she however had the ability to absorb magic and use it, she also had a magical form as a default form, as such she was unable to de-transform.
Homura educated the girl to be her own person rather than try to be like herself and always seek her own path.
Currently Moemura is an agent of the foundation who goes into missions to unexplored universes to be classified by the Foundation, always remembering that she is NOT Homura, she is Moemura.

They form the Red Team

Yeah...a little bit longer than Blue team but there is A LOT more to cover for Homura than for Sakuya and Mark XD
Part of a series of Fanfics I made in where I crossed the universes of many of my favorite series which include Fire Emblem, Touhou, Madoka and many more.

This version of Homura is THE Homura from the series, only with a few years after the end of Madoka and following a different path, she has now become some sort of representative for Madoka.
Moemura came from an idea of "What if Homura had a different life? How would she have turned out?" as such, the character of Moemura was born, she is happier than Homura, being warmer to people and a lot friendlier, as stated, she is NOT Homura, she is Moemura.

Anyway, to check Blue Team formed by Sakuya Izayoi and Mark go here:

Enjoy n_n

Homura Akemi is property of SHAFT
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wow not bad i like them
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