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Officer Patricia Wagon by ThanyTony Officer Patricia Wagon by ThanyTony
I decided to try the WayForward games, starting with Shantae and Mighty Switch Force, I got them on my 3DS and OH far some of the best games I've ever played in a LOOONG time.
After the collosal piece of shit that was Awakening I decided to be more careful with the games I buy and I am really glad I got these.
Mighty Switch Force in particular...I am absolutely in love with this game, everything about it, the feel, the music, the atmosphere, the level of detail and just overall fun, it can get difficult sometimes but is not the "FUCK THIS SHIT" difficulty, is the one that annoys you, but you still want to try until you succeed.

I am definetely getting anything they make, they've become one of my favorite video game developers, I wish others like Nintendo even had a fraction of the effort WayForward puts in their games, it'd be a better place.

This lady here is the protagonist of Mighty Switch Force, Officer Patricia Wagon, a Cyber Cop keeping order in Planet Land with her trusty Pellet Gun (A simple but effective desing) and the Helmet Siren which alters the world around her.
I fell in love with her almost immideately, she is absolutely amazing, while the game doesn't tell you much about her, you can pick a few things judging the things she says in the game and her voice.
She seems like a really nice person who genuinely wants to help people and bring justice to the world, she has a sweet nurturing voice to make you feel safe, but don't get to trusty, she can switch it around (Get it? XD) and become an imposing authority figure in the blink of an eye that will make you pay if you break the law.

I hope they make more games with her, I'll pay anything for that to happen.

So yeah...give these games a try people, if you want better games give your money not to pieces of shit like Awakening, give them to people who actually care about the games they work in.

Anyway, Enjoy n_n
I'll defintely draw more of her in the future.
firem78910 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i do agree that this is a good game and it's sequel is awesome as well in fact this person has a youtube account and did both games 
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