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Flag of the Sepoy Guard by ThanyTony Flag of the Sepoy Guard by ThanyTony

The Mughal Empire used to be a fraction of the Mongolian Empire that dominated the Indian Sub Continent that decided to split from them and create a new Empire, they carried with them the strength of the Mongolian Forces as well as traditions and knowledge from the lands they visited, one of them was the concept of the "Sipahi" Ostoman Calvary which were known for their strength and discipline. The Mughal Empire decided to create a similar branch of elite soldiers to fight for them and their rulers; as such the Sepoy Guard was created in 1658 AC.

The Sepoy were loyal and fierce soldiers who valiantly fought for the Empire on many battles that helped expand the borders of the Empire further into the entire continent, they however were no match for the Royal Forces of the Britannia Empire who defeated and annexed their territories to their vast Empire under the command of their trading company, they however inflicted a number of abuses on the Indian people which forced the Sepoy to rebel against them in various occasions causing a lot of deaths and chaos.

The Britannia Crown decided they had enough of this and intervened to take direct control of the land, they disbanded the East Indian Trading Company and granted the Indian People a spot in their Commonwealth creating the Indian Commonwealth and with them new ideas for the Sepoy Guard, adding Witches to their ranks.

This practice became so abundant over the years, to the point that the Sepoy Guard became exclusively formed by Witches and as such, it was declared a witch only organization.

Now the Sepoy Guard Witches defend their land from invasions and Neuroi attacks and they provide assistance to the Britannia crown when needed, they are regarded as Indian's most powerful and elite force and are respected and appreciated everywhere in the world.


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EndlessGr8 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so cool!
I wish real flags could have awesome tigers on them, LOL
ThanyTony Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, Tigers on flags look awesome and intimidating.
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