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Flag of the Ostoman Legions by ThanyTony Flag of the Ostoman Legions by ThanyTony

The Ostoman Turks greatly respected and admired the culture and traditions of the Byzantine Empire, so much so that the conquest of Constantinople in 1452 by King Mehmed II was very passive and he tried to be as careful as possible not to destroy anything in the city.

He promised Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos that he would preserve the achievements and legacy of the Byzantine Empire and by extension those of the Roman Empire, as such the Ostoman took control of the city creating the Ostoman Empire.

One of the traditions the Ostoman took from the Byzantine Empire was their tradition of employing legions back from their Eastern Roman Empire days, however the Ostomans took a different approach to the concept of legions and created a system where Legions would be more an organization within their armies and less individual groups, they also had the idea that only Witches would serve in these legions.

For this purpose the Ostoman Empire created three different Legions to distribute the witches depending on their place of operations, these were:

The Turkish Legion: Witches that operate in the main inland of the Empire which consist on their Eastern Anatolia Territories and Middle East portions, they are often of Turkic Ethnicity, although this isn't always the case, they are experts on fire arms and canons.

The Byzantine Legion: Witches in this legion operate in the European regions and Western Anatolia as well as in the Aegean sea territories like Archipielago, they are often Witches of Greek or other European origin, they are the physical combatants of the Ostoman Witches being experts on sword fighting as well as other Melee and Martial Arts training, they are descendants of the Byzantine Witches that were part of the Byzantine Empire and were ordered by Constantine XI to serve their new Ostoman masters.

The Arabic Legion: Witches that operate in the Arabic Peninsula and the Palestine region of the Empire, they are often of Semitic origins, these Witches are known for their particular beauty as well as their bravery, they are the Calvary experts of the witches, often deploying on mounts like horses and camels to a surprising effectiveness in combat.

Ostoman Witches are interesting among other witches in the world, while they serve in the army and have ranks, the Ostoman Witches do not serve the army or other officials in it, Ostoman Witches can only and will only obey the direct rulers of the Empire, meaning that only the Emperor and members of the Royal Family can command the Ostoman Witches, and in absence of these, the witches top priority will be to protect the people of the Empire and ensure their ultimate safety, but will not obey any order to join a rebellion or fight against one unless they are ordered by a member of the royal family to do so.

(Note: I am pretty certain I messed up with the Arabic Text, I am so sorry)


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