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Flag of the Order of Dracul by ThanyTony Flag of the Order of Dracul by ThanyTony
Legends say that in the year 1459, The Ostoman Empire set their eyes on conquering the Europa lands and standing on their way was the Principality of Wallachia led by Vlad Tepes, who knew he had no chance of defeating the mighty forces of the Ostoman Empire, so he set on a quest to the Sassanid Empire to look for assistance against the Ostoman, it was there that during a visit to a complex of ruins in Babylon, he was approached by a set of magical familiars all powered by ancient and powerful Babylonian deities, one of them, a bat familiar spoke to Vlad and offered him a deal:

If he provided girls to make contract with them, they'd provide him with strong soldiers to fight against the forces of the Ostoman Empire, desperate and without options left, Vlad accepted and drank the blood of the Goddess Tiamat, sealing the contract, he then took these familiars to his homeland in Wallachia and then ordered his men to look for young girls to become witches.
This girls would be presented to Vlad where the familiars behind a curtain would consider them worthy, if they were, the girl was ordered to have an audience in private with Vlad where he would explain his mission to her, if the girl accepted, she would then form a pact in where she would have to drop some of her blood alongside Vlad's own blood and would have to drink it, this would turn the girl into a "Vampire Witch" granting her immense powers and abilities never seen or had by European Witches.

Vlad then took his army of "Vampire Witches" and raided the Ostoman Camp in The Night Attack of Targoviste where they annihilated the Ostoman Army spreading fear and terror making them retreat back to their territories, reports state that the battle was savage and only a handful of Ostoman Soldiers managed to make it out alive.

Vlad had protected his homeland and the rest of Europa from the Ostoman Empire, but unfortunately he was assassinated by his enemies (The most accepted theory states other European Nations near Wallachia conspired to have him assassinated out of fear for his power) and tried to get rid of his army of vampire witches, however they were too strong and managed to repel the attack thanks to Vlad having foreseen this outcome, he commanded his most loyal Vampire Witch "Miruna" to take the others and leave Wallachia and hide in the shadows.

Miruna took the girls as her master command and left into Orussian lands where they then decided to spread across the world and recruit more Witch Soldiers to their cause, they then created "The Order of Dracul" to honor their master and parted ways.

Some reports state that members of the Order of Dracul exist hidden to this day, they are rumored to be located in places like The United States of Liberion, Azteca, Tawantinsuyo, Neue Karlsland Republic, The Sassanid Empire and in the Ostoman Empire.
Today in Dacia people who remember and glorify their legacy gather as "The Cult of Dracul" which has a significant amount of members in Dacia and Transylvania (Ostomark).

Members of the Order of Dracul hide in the shadows and often protect humanity from Neuroi attacks while they wait for their Master Vlad Tepes to return from the Death to take the mantle of leadership of the order once again as "Count Dracula" and lead them to regain back the land of Dacia, until that day, they wait.


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