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Flag of the Legion Thirty Six by ThanyTony Flag of the Legion Thirty Six by ThanyTony
The Thirty Sixth legion was created in the year 300 A.C to be commanded by the heroic witch "Georgia of Lydda" who became famous after defeating a Neuroi Dragon on her own in the Cyrenaica province.

The legion was tasked to exploring the borders of the Roman Empire and gathering information about these Neuroi beings, they also led many campaigns that expanded the borders of the Empire into places like the Arabic Peninsula, as well as deeper into Africa managing to expand upon to what it is today the nation of Mauretania creating relationships with the African people known as the Mossi (Which would eventually form the massive Kingdom of Ouedraogo).

They are known as the "Adventurers Legion" as they traveled all over the world and recorded information that helped the empire expand its knowledge, when the Empire split the legion was put under the administration of the Eastern Roman Empire and kept serving under their rule until they refused to follow Emperor Justinian's plans to conquer the Western Roman Empire, for which the Legion was disbanded and the members where exiled from the Eastern Roman Empire

Many of their members went to North Africa and helped the Berber States form a Rebellion to recover the Eastern Roman Empire conquered territories, after that the remaining members settled in various countries across North Africa and the Legion was officially disbanded.

The achievements and documents redacted by the Thirty Sixth Legion are now stored in
various libraries and culture houses across Morocco, Cyrenaica, Numidia and Rome.


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