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ExtraOn!: Shizuka Kinoshita. by ThanyTony ExtraOn!: Shizuka Kinoshita. by ThanyTony
Again, my personal take on another supporting character from K-On!
This time it's Shizuka whom you can check here:…

She's quite a prominent character in the show, particulary because she is pretty tiny and he sits behind Mugi so we get to see her a lot when they focus on te girls during class.

Now why the bizarre setting for a K-On! character?
Well reading her profile I noticed a few things, she is long time friends with Keiko Sano, who is a chubby girl, she sits behind to Mugi who is tal, big and strong, she is not very good with words, which means she probably has a hard time comming with things to say to others and she is probably frustrated by it, maybe she is a girl of actions, not words.
And the winning part here is that she is friends with the girls frm the Occultist Club (I Fucking Love those girls, I have to draw them some day).
Sense the pattern here? She seems to have a fixation with girls who are not only taller than her but also stronger, so I decided to take those things seasoned with the fact that she is friends with the Occultist Girls and made her a Kaiju Fan.

She LOVES stories about big giant monsters, to the point she actually asks the Occultist girls if there are stories about giant monsters.
I imagine her going on a quest where she finds a staff that can awaken an old and big kaiju monster, and that's the reason why she is in a volcano holding that shinning rod.

It's a little bizarre for K-On! but the way I envision the classmates is that each of them is a movie/series and the Hokago Tea Time make the soundtrack for those movies.
It's my special way of giving these girls some weight and cool things to do, while I drew Eri who is pretty much a Ruins Explorer, Shizuka here is a legends explorer.
I want to see how far I can take that dynamic with the classroom girls n_n

Anyway, Enjoy :3


Shizuka Kinoshita is property of Kyoto Animation
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