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Extra-On!: Toshimi Shibaya. by ThanyTony Extra-On!: Toshimi Shibaya. by ThanyTony
No one does meganes like KyoAni :3
Another supporting K-On! character, Toshimi Shibaya:…

She is part of a group of four gossipers in the 3-2 class, she is described as a girl who is usually very quiet but when she gets excited, she seems to be a fan of Mio as well.
You might remember her as one of the girls Yui asked about her future profesion during episode 9 of the second season if I am not mistaken, she said she wanted to be a nurse...and that's where this image come from.
Nurses are one of the most sexualiazed fetishes out there, some even say Nurses have it all. (Personaly I am not fond of nurses myself, my OCD would make me think in hospitals if I am with one and it would freak me out a little :S).
So I wanted to create a different type of nurse, and I struggled a bit with this until I rememberd "The Night Nurse" a Marvel character who is basically a Nurse that attends Stree Level superheroes like Luke Cage, Spider Man and Daredevil.

So I decided to make Toshimi some sort of "Super Nurse" someone who deals with the most bizarre and weirdest cases ever, unusual stuff gets thrown at her and she must use all her knowledfge to save lives.

I like Toshimi because she has a look that sets her appart from other megane girls in K-On! including Nodoka, she looks "Real" not like a "Cute Girl with Glasses" but a "Normal Girl with Glasses", something that gives her a natural look and I like that, it's subtle and you have to compare her to the other megane girls in the series to see it, but it's a detail I apreciate and love a lot, she also has a Jade Harley vibe to her and I like that.

Anyway, Enjoy n_n


Toshimi is property of K-On!

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firem78910 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
night nurse ehh i see it now healing magic sicknesses and other strange things 
Mewane Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student Artist
awesome i love k-On it awesome anime  i like Toshimi Shibaya she cool 
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