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Extra-On!: Kimiko Makigami. by ThanyTony Extra-On!: Kimiko Makigami. by ThanyTony
Another extra K-On! character for you and this one is pretty interesting, Kimiko Makigami:…

Even if you don't pay too much attention to BG characters, she stands out from the rest of the girls due to her skin color, it is theorized that she is from a mixed race as her eyes are dark blue and last time I checked Japanese people don't get blue eyes and neither do brown people for that matter so there seems to be an interesting mix behind her heritage and I like that.

Her information is pretty minimal and the only thing we know about her is that she has a severe self image complex (And being the only minimally foreing around all these japanese people, who wouldn't?) and you can tell she is different not only in her skin and eyes but in her appareance overall, she is more bulky, has more meat in her hips and legs, a trait not very common in japanese women, so she probably feels fatter compared to everyone else.
This low self steem is also reflected on her expression, she always seems...down, rarely do I remember seeing her smile in the series, so you can tell she has some issues with herself definetely.
So that's why I dressed her with simple clothing, just the type of clothing a person like her would wear, and also walking across a park on autum.

I love how KyoAni puts these details on its characters, even simple things like body build make a HUGE difference (Mugi is also notable for being a little more bulkier than the other girls, showcasing her European heritage) It's a shame not many detractors from the series notice these things.

Still, I think Kimiko has a lot of potential to explore and that's why I chose to drew her n_n

Enjoy :D


Kimiko is property of Kyoto Animation.

BG Image here
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