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Extra-On!: Himeko Tachibana by ThanyTony Extra-On!: Himeko Tachibana by ThanyTony
Without a doubt the most popular K-On! background character, formely known as "The Girl who sits Next to Yui" Himeko Tachibana:…

Just by looking at her you can tell this girl "Stands Out"
In universe she is the girl everyone like in class, she's the "Promise Girl" the one every girl envies and every girl want to be friends with, the difference being that unlike the typical archtype of these characters, Himeko is actually pretty warm and friendly to everyone, she is also in the softball club.
Because of these atributes and her constant interactions with Yui, helped her become the popular character she is.

Personaly I am not too crazy about her, I feel more drawn to other background characters like Ichigo, but I recognize Himeko's appeal, so I never really thought of a role for her, but she always gave me that classical noir vibe, I imagine her being a pretty girl who draws attention wherever she goes, and because of her friendlyness to people, it'll be easy to have a conversation with her.
So I thought on the most logical possition for her, a Bar Attender on a bar that is on a boat that sails through the country and she gets to meet different people and get herself involved in various situations.
I think that kind of adventure would fit her very well.

So yeah, I think this will be the last background character I'll draw for a while now.

Enjoy it n_n


Himeko is property of Kyoto Animation
BG Image here
firem78910 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i like it looks good for her
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