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Anthony Francis: Light and Shadow Ghosts (DitS) by ThanyTony Anthony Francis: Light and Shadow Ghosts (DitS) by ThanyTony
Another original drawing for my OC series, "Deep into the Sky" featuring the fourth main character, Anthony.
We see him playing with ectoplasm...but he is not alone, people who hide within the shadows try to reach it from whitin the shadows.

About Anthony: His full name is Anthony Francis, an eight years old boy and neighbor of Charlotte Fey, she has been babysitting him since she was eight herself, so the two of them have developed a strong friendship, being Charlotte's only friend.

Because of his parents ocupations, they leave him alone most of the time at the care of Charlotte, so in order to deal the absence, he dwells into the internet a lot and got interested in Urban Legends and Creepypastas as well as electronics, at his young age, Anthony is a very skilled computer technician capable of repairing his own devices and Charlotte's when they fail.
All thanks to the information he gathers from the internet and his interactions with different people on forums, such interactions eventually led him to "The Deep Web" where he got more information previously unknown about the Urban Legends and Creepypastas he loves so much, as well as information not aviable to the general public.

He managed to get the legendary and almost mythical eBook "Necrosan's Guide Into Home and School Terrorism" for Charlotte on her 12th birthday, which she used to learn about traps and bombs that she uses on her school bullies.

Recently though after Charlotte met Marcia, an actual real mutant with real powers, the curiosity about what lies deeper hidden to the public has sparked curiosity and interest from him and Charlotte, and this will lead Anthony to rush on the creation one of his latests projects...a modem that will allow him to navigate into the Deep Web with total security and comfort by constantly switching between proxys at a rate of 100 per second, making it virtually impossible to get tracked.


Anthony is a nice kid, he has a very innocent and sincere outlook into the world, his exposure to the internet has given him a sense of perception and knowledge people his age lack, he however does not fully understand why those things happen and that is where Charlotte, Marcia and Karina come in when he needs translation into the "World of Adults...from the perspective of three teeange girls, an antisocial with severe unthreated psychological issues, a shy and introverted girl with a HUGE secret to hide and a glorified murderous anarchist"
Despite that, Anthony enjoys the company of Charlotte and the others, to the point that Charlotte sleeps in his house at night while his parents are out despite her having her own house and family.
He however rejects to see them "Older Sisters" much to Charlotte annoyance, this is because he has a bit of a crush on Charlotte...a crush that often switches between her, Karina and Marcia as well, he is a kid after all.

He is not afraid of the mysteries he investigates, his curiosity is bigger than any fear he might feel, and he knows that no matter what happens, Charlotte will protect him...a task very difficult considering the things the four of them are getting into.


And that is basically Anthony in a brief explanation, Enjoy n_n
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August 15, 2014
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