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RonRon Forever More~

Eyes like Fire
Filled with Soul
Always watching, waiting to see
the early evening glow

Running Jumping
from fence to tree
orange and brown
coloured like leaves
in an autumn tide

Many names known
Tod, Basil (And Vince too)
It's not what you say
or what sound you will make
but what you all give to the world.

Blazing fires
though none that burn
rushing right by
like sunrays in the wind
inspiring young minds and old

Oooh oooh ooh ooh
oooh oooh oooh

Soaring down
the fields of gold
running together
light as a feather
Ronron Forever more

(Check the link bellow to listen to the song)

A little song for everyone's favorite Fox RonRon, who hangs out and lives with foxalbiazul.

Please check the Beautiful Song by the Amazing Foxamoore that this artwork accompanies!
~>… <~
~>… <~
~>… <~

Lead Vocals - LilyPad
Backing Vocals and Bass - RhubarbTheBear
Violin and String Quartet - Kyash-tyur 

This artwork wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the Song and people who made it - It's a big honor to paint this artwork for it!
Thank you so much Fox Amoore for the wonderful and touching song.! You are one of my biggest inspiration, its a dream come true to be able to work with you. :heart:

It's not what you say or what sound you will make: But what you all give to the world. :heart:- Fox Amoore.

Edit: April 6, 2016
I just got the news today, I'm sad to say that RonRon passed away last night. :(…

Rest in Peace RonRon. You will be forever in our hearts. :heart:…
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must be happy or sad. kidding, wish you were in a better place
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Dude, RonRon (on the picture you drew) Is "foxalbiazul"'s profile. Well done!

RudderbuttCosplays's avatar
Is that inverse Majira
RaveGalaxy's avatar
What programs do you use? If you don't mind me asking.
KanjiRyokun's avatar
Paint Tool Sai. When you download Paint Tool Sai program, it will says "Trial period expired" maybe this can help…  (tbh, your comment right on the date of my bday) 
SelarisWolf's avatar
I wasn't aware of of Fox Amoore's gallery over on FA. Looks like there's a bunch of incredible stuff over there. Looking forward to sifting through it
AlfaArtz's avatar
RIP Ronron, he will be remembered
WiFi-Down's avatar
RIP RonRon

we all miss you
Miss-Hops's avatar
I just remember Ronron ;--; beautiful art
YereVirus's avatar
JuliArt15's avatar
i love iit!!!! D: furrydreamclapplz furrydreamclapplz furrydreamclapplz 
mtristepin's avatar
I knew it's Albi on the left, I remember his fursuit :P

And well done, superb art :)
SillyLilyE's avatar
poor ronron

You make Foxie Cry Sad FOX Emoticon Tienala cry Nick Wilde - Icon Young Nick Wilde - Icon Sprinkle Pop Cry cry balto Praevius Cry 
NickWilde102030's avatar
i love this art Cry forever 
HazonWolf's avatar

And that with RonRon is sad :(((
FeatherSpiral's avatar
Reminds me of the small poem I emailed maythefoxbewithyou upon finding out Vader had died.

He was no longer wild here,
From being squealed at by fox-lovers;
He would just let them tame him,
Play-bite at worst, for fun sleepovers.

We called him Darth Cutie,
Relished in his beauty.

Dark side of law enforcement, Tara;
Don't sit brooding, use the fox, Eric!
Your dear baby we all still adore,
From dead body he'll become relic.

Writing this short poem is all I can do;
May the fox be forever with you two.
Arctic-Wolf-Jedi's avatar
May the force be with us all and # the meme NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! #NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
rockyismycat's avatar
I am confused. Are you the youtuber or what? The on with Asriel and RonRon?
DiegBareno's avatar
He's the same one.
rockyismycat's avatar
Boom 💥 brain just exploded...
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