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Enemy Sighted

A new version of my fursona I drawn 2 years ago. I just really have to draw him again :D

Old Drawing:
Doodle2 & Alert
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Freddy-Fazbear01's avatar
Holy shit that’s cool
mjt410's avatar
😱😱😱😱 your art is just to amazing!!!
startrekfan237's avatar
This is a model on Garry's Mod
MCWolfers's avatar
Should we be concerned at all that he's looking at us?
Emoticonman5856's avatar
Hey, thanshuhai. Did you know that this furry can be played as a model on Garry's Mod?
Art-Collecter's avatar
Very nice.  Safe finger off the trigger too
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Hardcore work. Awesome job.
DagoKrakus's avatar
Wow, taht is amazing :D (Big Grin) - This all details and colours :D (Big Grin) La la la la I'm so delight with it :D (Big Grin) La la la la
EmilieSushi's avatar
Hello there! I wanted to warn you about someone who took your artwork, removed your signature and is now trying to pass it as their artwork. <:I
You can find the stolen picture here; Rifle Blur by kenwood11
tman008's avatar
This is truly beautiful. All your work is.
Subj3ct-0's avatar
he looks ready for anything
Marbles-the-Fox's avatar
My husband's in the US military and he's in infantry. this reminds me of him. ^_^ we're both furries and both foxes. this is awesome. 
IamETOH's avatar
what a great foxy =^.^=
Kozinek's avatar
kurde,  Wow  You Awesome
FZone96's avatar
OMG I love it!!! :heart: :love: :blushes:
NeXxusPrime's avatar
I dont think ill ever do this, i mean, look, shading: Check, Guns: check, Looks amazing: check, any other thing: check, I love it
Christopher-89's avatar
All the details are perfect
Zenie250's avatar
Lol all i think of is the words epic and the saying : I have a/the solution from flash point.
RatchetJak's avatar
Love love love those combat boots! Your fursona looks amazing. :D
Athoshumanfox's avatar
CAMPER hunter XD
redghost187's avatar
wow that looks amazing i love the detail on the gun 
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