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Character Species Challenge: Rikkun

When I saw this challenge sheet on my local fur group, I gotta try it out and its been ages since I've done any of this. It's sure is fun to draw your character on different species :D

I feel like this sheet lack Avaints and Sergals... I might do them another day. ^^

Base Template if anyone interested:… Not my template. Credits to @arebeano (Kirizagi Komuro)
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Wow! i like it. The draconic one caught my attention the most. are you gonna draw him again one day?

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Can I steal your Draconic furrsona?
I don't think he'll allow that.  They are all the same being, just in multiple different realities in multiple different forms. 

One thing is for certain though:  It's a fantastic piece that, in my honest opinion, inspires many in numerous different ways.  Truly Stellar!
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I am definitely doing this!I'm originally a dragonic type, guess I'm making him more dragonic then he is.
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adore all <3<3<3<3
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Aawesome! Love the clothes
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i LOVE THIS, I need to do it with one of my bbs
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Woah! This is amazing! Also, feline Rikkun is literally the most adorable thing I have ever seen.
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wow this ta very show (I liked bear and cat)
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The feline should be bigger than the canine
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Depends on the breed thanshuhai chose to reference from. And it also depends on how tall their sona is. Mine is the same height as me; 5"2'
J3susChr1st's avatar
But If its height as a feline were compared with that of its as a canine...
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Again, inconclusive. Anyway, I think what we should really be focusing is the art itself. Not trying to break it down. I should merely like to enjoy it for what it is. I think this meme is super cute and should definitely be done more
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Who else has done it?
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That doesn’t look too feline the ears are huge
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I see it. The ears are curved slightly, the eyes are bigger, and the nose is different. The cheek fur is also angled down more and the whiskers are farther apart. I do think the mouth could have been more curved on the lips of the upper jaw under his nose, that's what I mainly look for in felines, but I feel like a priggish art critic so I'm going to stop now.
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Bb5e32c7-1ff3-4bfc-9472-45ab7475b1be by J3susChr1st   3ab24b07-b8be-4485-9d6d-d1fce404d004 by J3susChr1st  Th muzzle looks like the dogs one and the ears are BUSTED also the eye should are a weird shale

Who said it was a cheetah?

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You don't seem to stop wow'ing me ever since I found the furry fandom back in 2015. You were the first one who got me in and your the reason that I'm staying. Carry on to future work such as this, as I learn to draw, being inspired by the one who carried my curiosity...
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I love your Username lol 
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